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Handling A Loss In Sobriety

on Monday, 11 February 2013. Posted in Voices in Recovery, Breaking News

Loss In Sobriety

By Alexandra Rose

We can get through hard times in sobriety without taking a drink or drug. Many of us encounter a life event that can devastate us and provide an “excuse” to drink. Though this isn’t true because we don’t drink or use no matter what. Whenever I speak at a meeting I tell the story of the death I went through in sobriety and how I was able to handle it.

Right before I had six months of sobriety, the closest person to me died. Upon going to rehab and starting my journey in sobriety I had the reservation that I will use if this person dies because I will not be able to “handle it.” Well it happened and the day of my six months was her funeral. I can say today that I am still sober and that I got through the death by doing what was suggested to do for my sobriety. I prayed, went to meetings, called my sponsor, and knew that if I were to use it would make things so much worse.

I was present in the realty of the situation and was able to help others affected by the loss. The responsibility to provide support for those also devastated was apparent as I was looked up to for strength. If I had used I wouldn’t have been able to go through the grieving process thus the pain would have been even greater. At that time it wasn’t about me. Also, the one I lost would of never of wanted to see me use again.

I spoke at a meeting last night and shared this story as I usually do. Not only to share about the loss I encountered in sobriety but the message I presented that we can get through something like this without drugs and alcohol. When I think that I can’t handle a situation in sobriety I think back to how I was able to cope with my loss. Knowing that I was able to get through the death pushes me to know that I am able to handle whatever comes my way without picking up a drink. I hope my experience is able to provide hope to those out there who think they will use or drink after a loss as I described.

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