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Hip Hop Artist Gunplay Speaks Candidly About Cocaine Addiction

on Monday, 07 July 2014. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News, Cocaine

Hip Hop Artist Gunplay Speaks Candidly About Cocaine Addiction

Substance abuse is a problem that affects people from all walks of life, and those who are very famous or successful are certainly not immune from the dangerous disease that is addiction. While many famous recording artists have struggled with substance abuse, many of them have also gone on to find health and happiness in sobriety and have even used their art as a way of speaking out about the dangers of addiction and the life changing benefits of sobriety.

One artist who has recently spoken out about his struggles with addiction is rapper Gunplay.

Gunplay and His Struggles With Cocaine Addiction

Like many addicts, Gunplay recognized the need to stop using after hitting what is often referred to as rock bottom. The rapper recalled the specific moment during which he realized he needed to stop using cocaine as Memorial Day weekend of 2008, a time during which the rapper made a realization that he did not want to use any more because he was tired of suffering from many of the negative side effects of cocaine use, including his nose hurting and looking tired and run down.

Prior to making the decision to get sober, Gunplay openly admitted that he had used cocaine regularly for as long as twelve years. During that difficult time in his life, Gunplay had felt  a strong connection with the drug, saying that it was “his thing.”

Gunplay’s Struggles With Cocaine and Behaviors Associated With the Drug

It is very common for a person who is addicted to a drug to become somewhat consumed with thoughts about the drug because of the nature of addiction. When a person is addicted to a substance of any kind, their brains reward centers get so accustomed to finding and using more of the drug they are addicted to that their entire lives revolve around using.

This is what leads to the destructive nature of many addictions: important life functions and events take a back seat to the substance that an addict is addicted to. Gunplay’s remarks about feeling pain in his nose and looking and feeling run down are also very much aligned with what typically happens when a person is addicted to cocaine. Cocaine use can cause major damage to a person’s nasal paths and sinuses, and people who are addicted to cocaine often appear sallow or have a lackluster appearance.

A New Life With Sobriety

Since becoming clean in 2008, Gunpowder has enjoyed a wealth of both personal and career success. Breaking free from cocaine use allowed Gunplay to focus on his goals as a business person and to make sure that he was doing everything he could to move forward as an artist. He has reported saying that he realized that using cocaine was preventing him from being as successful as he possibly could be.

He also feels that abstaining from drugs is highly beneficial for an artist because drugs may lead a person to believe that they are creating meaningful work, when in fact they may be rambling or not creating as straight from the heart as they possibly can. Gunplay has said that writing sober has given him the clarity to truly analyze everything he writes and to make sure that he is doing the highest quality of work possible for he and his fans.

Many recovering addicts, like Gunplay, find that their lives improve exponentially when they are free from using cocaine. Sobriety offers a chance to find peace and health so that regardless of what a recovering addict’s goals are, they may truly hope to become the best version of themselves. 

photo credit: Nightlife Of Revelry via photopin cc

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