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Gospel Musician Joseph Habedank Opens up about his Addiction

on Thursday, 25 September 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Fans of the Christian gospel music group The Perrys were surprised when lead singer Joseph Habedank stepped away from the group last year under what seemed like mysterious circumstances. Fans of The Perrys were particularly surprised because of the fact that Habedank's resignation came on the heels of a very trying year for his bandmate, who had recently suffered from a stroke.

After an entire year of speculation about what exactly led to Habedank's exit from the group, the popular singer has revealed that he quit The Perrys in order to seek treatment for his addiction to prescription opiates.

The fact that Habedank is a Christian singer who has always been vocal about the value of leading a virtuous life has surprised some people who learned of his addiction, but the singer's honesty about his disease has proven to be further evidence that addiction does not discriminate and that it is a disease that can strike people from all walks of life. There is no such thing as a Opiates: An Epidemicerson who is too wealthy or too famous for addiction.

Furthermore, addiction is a disease and not a representation of a lapse in moral judgment. Addiction to opiates is not only a widespread disease, it is one that continues to impact countless numbers of people.

Mental health and addiction management experts agree almost unanimously that shifting public perception so that more people understand addiction for the disease that it is will help to encourage those who need help to seek it.

Opiate Addiction and Medical Need

One thing that makes opiate addiction to prevalent and so dangerous is the fact that unlike many recreational drugs, people are often introduced to prescription opiates when they are prescribed them as part of a legitimate medical need. It is very common for opiates to be prescribed for the treatment of pain associated with a major injury or surgery, or for a medical condition for which severe pain must be managed.

In Habendank's case, prescription pain killers were prescribed as treatment for a throat ulcer. The problem is that these pills are highly addictive, and that one can easily become unintentionally dependent on the drugs after taking them for a very short period of time.

Habendank, for example, was taking as many as twelve painkillers a day at the height of his addiction, at which point, he made the decision to seek the treatment he needed.

New Hope In Treatment

When he was ready to get healthy, Habendank checked into the Cumberland Heights Alcohol & Drug Treatment Center, where he completed an in-patient program. After undergoing treatment, he continues to attend therapy sessions and twelve step meetings, and the singer has found a new lease on life.

He has said that his mission is now to help others who may be struggling with this difficult disease so that they are able to get the support they need to stop using. Treatment is a means of helping addicts to gain the tools they need to face triggers like stress, anger, and sadness, and to begin to identify other reasons why they began to use.

Many recovering addicts like Habendank find the help they need in an in-patient program because in such a program, they are free from the possibility of being exposed to drugs. In treatment, recovering addicts also have constant access to professionals who are well equipped to help with any of the challenges that may arise in the initial stages of sobriety.

With the right treatment plan and a will to get healthy, any addict can hope to reclaim their lives.

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