Goodwill Receives a Bong Donation

on Wednesday, 25 April 2012. Posted in Marijuana, Breaking News

Marijuana Bong

The Goodwill Donation Center in Friendswood, Texas received a donation that included a marijuana bong, complete with marijuana residue. According to,

Goodwill spokeswoman Meredith Phillips said, "I don't know why someone would want to smoke marijuana or turn it in to the Goodwill." She claims that the organization occasionally gets unusual donations, including a fox fur coat that earned $10,000 at the annual gala, but this was the first time they have received a bong.

Store employees notified police. Phillips commends those employees for doing the right thing. She said, "It's illegal, so it's an unfortunate thing that had to happen. Goodwill is thankful to be in a community and be good neighbors in the community. A part of being a good neighbor is making sure that all the rules and laws are followed."

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