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G.L.O Focuses on Re-Entry and Relapse Prevention, Offering a Glowing Future For Those in Need

on Monday, 23 April 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Treatment

Relapse Prevention

Tinisha Murray believes in second chances and helping make those second chances successful. According to, Tinisha started a business that gives men and women a helping hand when re-entering society after battling drug addiction, incarceration, and other obstacles.

The G.L.O., Growing Lives One Day at a Time, is a relapse prevention agency that opened its doors in 2011. Before 2011, Tinisha taught Bible classes, where she noticed many of those attending her classes came from the Rescue Mission of the Mahoning Valley, and often dealing with issues of addiction. Tinisha had two misdemeanor drug arrests in her past, and she understands what it is like to be beginning recovery. She quickly became a "buffer" between the people in need and the services already in place in the community.

Tinisha explains, "When you come out and face all of these problems, society is really not ready to deal with that. There is a gap, and because of things I have gone through, I was ready to stand in that gap." She is currently becoming certified as a relapse-prevention specialist. She invested more than $12,000 into the G.L.O. program and became one of the first and youngest black females to bring a substance abuse program to the Boardman area.

Tinisha said, "I was very determined. This program was based on all of the things I needed help with." There are three programs operated under the G.L.O umbrella; an intense outpatient treatment program, a re-entry into society from prison and transitional housing program, and a work-experience program. These programs encompass a wide variety of issues including life-skills coaching, fitness, parenting classes, job referrals, anger and stress management, and Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.

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