Girl Scout in Tewksbury, Ma Installs ‘Prescription Disposal Box’ In Her School To Save Lives

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Girl Scout Starts Prescription Drug Disposal Box

A girl in Tewksbury Township is admirably doing her part to battle the epidemic of prescription drug abuse. Recent initiatives to battle prescription drugs have targeted young kids so that the problem can be prevented, before it gets passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, prescription drug abuse has been named as the main cause of accidental fatalities. This is why Allie Nicole Obszanski has decided that she needed to take action to help save lives.

Girl Scout Award Project
Fifteen-year old Allie Obszanski is an active member of the Girl Scouts. The Girl Scouts is an organization for young girls that is aimed at teaching girls values and valuable skills. The Girl Scouts Organization wants to teach young girls such skills as:

  • Leadership
  • Compassion
  • Honesty
  • Courage

Allie decided for her Girl Scout Gold Award Project to do something that the Girl Scouts probably have never seen before. Rarely does a person as young as fifteen decide to tackle such a serious matter as prescription drug abuse. Allie Obszanski decided to install a permanent prescription disposal box in Tewksbury. She wants to fight drug abuse, and figures that the first step is helping people dispose of drugs that they know they will abuse.

Making It Happen
Allie Obszanski turned out to be a very determined young girl and made the connections necessary to make her Girl Scout Award Project a reality. While it’s easy to talk about doing something, it’s much harder to actually make things happen. Allie reached out to the County Prosecutor and the Police Chief about her project. Not surprisingly, they have both expressed support for Allie’s project and the box now currently resides at the police station, where anyone can now drop off prescription drugs. With the support of the police department, Allie has helped make the community she lives in safer and more drug-free.

Part of the dangers of prescription drugs is that they are often linked to being the beginning of an individual doing harder, illegal drugs like heroin or meth. Once someone starts indulging in drugs for recreation, generally they start wanting to experiment with more drugs, which sometimes leads them to full-blown addiction. By curbing the abuse when it first starts, people who might eventually use illegal drugs will not make the dangerous transition.

Involved In The Community
Allie has been a Girl Scout for most of her young life, joining when she was first in kindergarten. She also is active in other drug prevention groups and in her local church. Allie shows an admirable commitment to being involved in community, and specifically making sure that her hometown of Tewskbury is drug-free. Already showing tremendous leadership qualities, Allie shows what one determined person can do to help a community.

Epidemic Of Prescription Drug Abuse
Allie isn’t the only one who is battling prescription drug abuse. Since prescription drugs have been named as the number one cause of accidental deaths, the topic has been a hot-button issue. Allie is doing her part, but the medical community is also trying to figure out what standards and policies they should follow when doling out prescriptions.

One of the big answers to stopping the abuse is young people like Allie getting involved and helping spread awareness of the problem. Communities actively promoting awareness and drug education can go a long way towards future generations not being caught up in the cycle of abuse. Programs like the Girl Scouts prove how valuable their teachings are to young women, to build lifelong values and skills. Allie is a great example of the type of motivated young women the program produces, and how involved they are in their communities.

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