Women Getting Into Gambling, Huge Rises In Need For Help Over The Past Year

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gambling addiction help for families

It appears that women are getting into gambling online in record numbers and these numbers continue to increase as the stresses from work and home life take a toll on these women. Dealing with daily life can sometimes be too much, in many cases, this has lead people to drink, do drugs or find other obsessive habits, and with the advent of the internet and easy access to “free” games, the price people are paying comes later, but is still steep.

Using the internet as an escape is not a new thing, but many women have turned to the online gambling as a way to wind down for a busy day at work. This newfound world produces relatively low “side effects”, meaning they can go into the world of online gambling and come back to the real world without too many consequences...in the beginning. Later, when problems set in, these habits are hard to break. A British organization that deals with gambling problems said that they received 44% more calls in 2012 than in 2011; that is a significant increase percentage wise and in the United States, the number of female gamblers getting help through the use of Gambler’s Anonymous is up 42% from fifteen years ago.

Because online gambling is very much a solitary endeavor, for some people it is harder for them to seek help or see that they have a problem. Maybe women have lost thousands of dollars overnight and tried to recoup online to get further sucked into their addiction. The online gambling industry is insidious as it tries to remind people to come back and play with tempting emails and offering free money and prizes. Gambling is just as big of an addiction as drugs or alcohol and it is a serious problem that should not go unaddressed. The good news is that there is gambling addiction help for families in need.

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