Former Teen Mom Star Finds The Gifts Of Recovery

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Jenelle Evans Sobriety

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has faced more than her share of pressures and time in the spot light. The young reality star has faced a public battle with her mental and physical health, which has included eight arrests. Evans has been facing an addiction to heroin, for which she received help after having faced a number of hospitalizations.

The Bumpy Road For Evans
Evans’ struggle with addiction to heroin began while she was involved with a violent ex-boyfriend, a man named Kieffer Delp. She reportedly experimented with heroin for the first time with Delp after becoming involved with him on the heels of an abusive relationship that she had entered with a man who assaulted her, a young marine named Gary Head. After turning to Delp for support, Evans found herself injecting heroin and so addicted to the drug that she was hospitalized several times.

Evans began to realize that her health and well being were in serious trouble and finally sought the help of her mother, who was very worried about her. Part of her road to health included severing ties with Kieffer, who had proven to be a trigger for Evans. With her mother’s help, Evans reports that she has “cleaned up,” and is living a happier, healthier life.

Still Facing a Painful Situation
Though Evans has sought help for her addiction, she continues to face severe consequences related to her troubled past. The young mother still does not have custody of her son, Jace. Jace lives full time with his grandmother, Evans’s mother. Evans is not allowed to have her son overnight and has publically stated that she wishes she could have custody of her own son. Evans hopes that she will be able to regain full custody of her child, and has set up a room for him in her apartment.

Jenelle Evans’s Struggle Not Unlike That Of Many Heroin Addicts
The struggles that Evans is facing are not unusual for an individual who has battled with addiction. Addiction is a very serious disease that often leaves addicts in a position where they are effectively not in control of their own lives. When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they become singularly fixated on constantly procuring more drugs or alcohol and place a higher priority on this than on any other aspect of their lives. This may mean that major relationships or responsibilities are sabotaged. Many parents struggling with addiction find that they lose custody of their young children while they are exhibiting the dangerous and unpredictable symptoms of drug use.

Just as Jenelle Evans is finding progress and peace in admitting that she has a problem, many other addicts are able to work toward real and lasting health as they seek professional help for the addiction that is crippling them. Recovering from addiction is a lifelong process and certainly may take time, but with the right help and the right focus on the people and things that are important to them, many addicts find their way back to a happier and more stable life.

Drug Addiction Can Affect Everyone
Addiction is a serious disease. Anyone, of any age, gender, or social background may struggle with chemical dependency. The pressures that lead to drug use may vary from person to person - from starring in a reality series while acting as a young mother, to being a middle aged man facing the pressures of a stressful workplace, there are as many triggers for addiction as there are addicts. With help, anyone struggling with addiction can hope to find a healthier life.

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