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Former Penthouse Model Caught Smuggling Drugs Talks Drug Addiction

on Thursday, 30 April 2015. Posted in Breaking News

A former model for Penthouse magazine has opened up about her issues with drug addiction after being accused of smuggling the drug "ice" into Australia. Simone Farrow, a swimsuit model who has posed for Penthouse and Ed Hardy, was arrested in October 2009 by Australian police on her return to the United States.

At a recent sentence hearing in Sydney's district court, Farrow broke down and began detailing her past issues with drug addiction and a suicide attempt. She admitted to abusing prescription drugs and smoking ice on a daily basis in the U.S. saying that she couldn't function without smoking. She also admitted to smuggling drugs but denied more serious accusations that she is the boss of a global drug ring asserting that she is innocent of those charges.

Farrow's Confession in Court
Simone Farrow broke down in tears at her hearing after she was accused of being the brains behind an "ongoing criminal enterprise" that involved seven people bringing drugs like ice into Australia. The former Penthouse model became emotional describing her drug addiction and a troubled childhood in which her mother told her it was acceptable to become a prostitute. Her mother's lifestyle also involved drug abuse and bouncing around different partners which led Farrow to believe she was a "mistake".

She tearfully told the court of her struggles with crystal meth or ice which she needed to use in order to function every day. She also admitted to suffering from mental health issues including bipolar disorder and depression. The model has been completely drug free for the two and a half years she has spent in custody and she is proud of her recent sobriety. Farrow pled guilty to charges of importing crystal methamphetamine into Australia but denied being any sort of ringleader for a drug smuggling group.

Trouble with the Law
In spite of her tearful confession, Farrow had been on the run from the law for almost a month after fleeing a $150,000 bail in 2012. She was arrested at a cheap hotel in eastern Australia and then extradited to Sydney where she pled innocent of drug trafficking charges.

At the time she had 19 different aliases and claimed that she fled the interstate because someone was attempting to murder her. The model had legally changed her surname to Lawson in order to flee the country.

Farrow is accused of running a drug ring from her apartment located off Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. She allegedly developed a method of hiding drugs like crystal meth inside bath products. In 2013, Simone pleaded guilty to importing a marketable quantity of a border patrolled drug but claimed that she had been set up to look like the leader of the drug ring. She said that she had been unknowingly set up by some employees that had obtained complete control of her bank, phone and email accounts. She said that these employees used the accounts to run the drug ring behind her back. She even claimed that employees imitated her so that buyers would believe she was behind the syndicate.

Farrow opened up about her drug addiction and her troubled past in an attempt to win sympathy for her position and obtain a lenient sentence for her actions. She continues to deny being a leader of a drug operation and has requested a contested facts hearing in order to potentially obtain a lesser sentence. The hearing is still in process as Farrow hopes to avoid a serious sentence in spite of her guilt in smuggling drugs into Australia and her involvement with the sale of crystal meth.

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