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Former Minister And Celebrity-dad Joe Simpson Arrested And Jailed After Drinking And Driving

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Monday, 13 August 2012. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News, Alcohol

joe simpson driving under influence alcohol

Perhaps many of you were thinking, “what ever happened to Minister Joe Simpson, manager and dad to Jessica and Ashlee?”!

The grandfather two-times over, by both of his daughters, who once infamously exclaimed, while referring to his superstar daughter….she’s got double ds…….you can’t just cover those suckers up, has not retreated to life as a doting grandfather, unless that includes drinking and driving !!

Grandpa Simpson has been enjoying his fair share of alcohol based on recent. And from the looks of things, Grandpa Simpson has not been drinking very responsibly.

Last week, on August 4, Simpson was arrested for drinking and driving. TMZ discovered then divulge that “Minister Joe” was arrested in Sherman Oaks, California after he was pulled over in his vehicle for suspicion of driving under the influence.

After speaking with Simpson for an extended period of time and subsequent to suspecting that Simpson had been drinking alcohol before or during driving, officers transported Simpson to jail.

When officers learned that Simpson had in fact been drinking officers booked Simpson and eventually charged Simpson with driving while under the influence of alcohol.

In the meantime, subsequent to sleeping all night at the jail, Simpson was released the following morning.

Meanwhile, prosecutors have yet to reveal if they will actually prosecute Simpson regarding the driving while under the influence of alcohol charge.

Clearly Simpson would not want to be linked to any bad press considering he is formerly a man of the cloth, a clergyman that is, and is in fact the father of two very famous daughters. If the prosecutor does actually follow through with prosecution, it is customary of someone with Simpson’s notoriety or celebrity if you will, to release a statement.

In California, a driving while intoxicated conviction, at a minimum, generally involves alcohol education classes, a fine, and perhaps even jail or prison time contingent upon blood alcohol level, whether anyone was injured, and whether or not the individual has any prior alcohol-related charges.

Additionally, as mentioned above, Simpson will have to deal with commentary in the media and from the public at large.

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