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Forget Something? Heroin Found In Hotel

on Friday, 29 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

heroin in hotel room

It was just another day for employees of the Hilton Garden Inn Milford as they began cleaning a room guest had just checked out of.

However, they realized that the previous guest had left something behind. What they found was a large supply of heroin , mostly already packaged out, individually wrapped, and ready to sell.

To be exact, a total of 7.6 ounces was found in the room. The discovery was reported to police, who quickly responded to the scene. Some of the heroin was still in solid form, but most was already broken down and packaged up.

All in all approximately $50,000 worth of heroin was recovered from the room.

The interesting thing in this case is how the suspects were found. While police were still at the hotel, the men actually came back to try and check back into the same room. Apparently they had realized that they forgot their drugs.

Police arrested the men immediately. Curran Lake, 20, David Jefferson, 19, and Sean Reid, 26 were all taken into custody. All three are being held on $250,000 bonds.

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