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Ex-NFL Player Arrested a Second Time in Three Days

Written by Eliza Player on Wednesday, 04 April 2012. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News

Ex-NFL Player Arrested a Second Time in Three Days

Former NFL Quarterback, Ryan Leaf, was arrested again on Monday, just days after he posted bail on similar charges of burglarizing a home to steal prescription drugs.   According to The Associated Press , Leaf was arrested on Friday after police found oxycodone pills in his golf bag that a friend later said were taken from his home.  Then early Monday, he was again arrested on suspicion of burglarizing a home to obtain prescription pain medicine.

The owners of the burglarized home came home on Sunday to find a man in their house.  He explained he had the wrong address and promptly left.  Later, the owners called police when they noticed three bottles of prescription medication were missing.  After describing the man’s appearance and truck, they picked Leaf out of a photo line-up.

A search of Leaf’s home turned up almost 100 hydrocodone pills loose in the pocket of a bathrobe.  Authorities do not believe those were the same pills burglarized from the home.  They are unsure of whether he already disposed of them or he is hiding them somewhere.  Leaf’s attorney and publicist were unavailable for comment.

Leaf tested positive for drugs at the time of arrest on Friday, and he admitted to haven taken oxycodone pills, including one on the day of his arrest.  Police obtained a warrant to review Leaf’s GPS, which proved he was in the driveway at the time of the burglary.  The GPS data also showed the truck drove up to between five and 10 houses in the area.  Police are currently checking with the owners of those residences.

More people have come forward with claims of stolen painkillers since Leaf’s arrest on Friday, although police have not begun to check any of those claims out.  Police are also using the data on his truck’s GPS to pinpoint Thursday’s burglary, in hopes of being led to a painkiller stash.  Leaf did not act surprised when police told him he may get additional charges for other burglaries.

Leaf appeared in video court Monday, on two felony counts of burglary and two felony counts of possession of a dangerous substance, as well as two misdemeanor counts of theft and probation violation.  He will remain in jail until Wednesday, when probation supervisors will decide whether to release him again on bond, or to revoke his suspended sentence from 2010.  The probation violation is related to a plea agreement Leaf made in Texas after burglarizing a home while he was a quarterback coach at West Texas A&M.  That investigation revealed Leaf stole over 1,000 pain pills in an eight-month span.  His plea agreement gave him 10 years probation, and the district attorney plans to file a motion to revoke Leaf’s probation.  The Texas judge in the case could extradite Leaf to Texas for that hearing, and then extradite him back to Montana for the rest of the proceedings.  Texas will argue that he should go to prison.

Leaf’s arrest on Friday came from a month-long investigation, which began when someone reported Leaf had been receiving small, rattling c.o.d. packages at the post office worth $500 once or twice a week.  The search of his truck on Friday found 28 pain pills for which he did not have a prescription and a bottle of pain pills made out to an friend, who later discovered they had been stolen from his home.  Police suspect Leaf had broken into other homes in the last year and a half, and they are urging all victims to come forward.

Ryan Leaf was an outstanding quarterback for Washington State and was the No. 2 draft pick in 1998, behind Peyton Manning. Leaf was picked by the San Diego Chargers, but his football career fizzled out and became known as one of the great football busts.  In 2008, Leaf was suspended, and subsequently resigned from West Texas A&M for asking a player for a pain pill for his wrist troubles.  In the following year, he was indicted on burglary and controlled substance charges in Texas.  Although he made numerous statements to attest to his sobriety and hope for the future, he was subsequently arrested two times in four days on similar charges of burglary and theft of pain medication.

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