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Ever Heard Of Vaporized Alcohol?

on Wednesday, 11 March 2015. Posted in Breaking News

As people try to find new and innovative ways to get high, trends begin to develop like the latest concept of "smoking" vaporized alcohol. This activity has recently become popular among teens and college students who want to try something new instead of simply taking shots at parties.

The trend has health care providers concerned about the possible consequences and dangers of vaporized alcohol in the hands of young people. College and high school kids are getting into smoking alcohol because it is one of the fastest ways to get the substance into your bloodstream.

Vaporized alcohol can more easily penetrate the body and reach your blood much faster than simply drinking it. While it may seem like a fast and exciting high for young people, there are a number of risks associated with it that can make it a dangerous alternative to drinking.

Methods of Vaporizing Alcohol
The people who are gaining an interest in vaporized alcohol are usually finding different methods online that allow them to smoke it. One popular method is to pour the alcohol over dry ice in a thermos water bottle and inhale it directly using a straw or a pipe.

Some people are able to make their own vaporizing kits by pouring the alcohol into a bottle and pumping air from a bike pump through a cork which vaporizes the drink. Another method is to free-base the alcohol over a flame which produces vapors for inhalation.

The trend had gained momentum in 2004 when a machine called Alcohol without Liquid or AWOL became popular but the fad declined after the product was banned in the US. Now there has been a re-emergence of vaporizing alcohol with many myths contributing to its popularity.

Many believe that smoking alcohol allows you to get drunk without consuming any calories. Teens hoping to stay thin while getting intoxicated are vaporizing alcohol based on this myth. The reality is that there are calories absorbed through the ethanol although there may not be the extra calories from sweeteners and mixers.

Risks with Inhaling Alcohol Vapors

While people may think that smoking alcohol is basically the same as drinking, the truth is that vaporized liquor can be much more dangerous than they realize. When alcohol is inhaled it bypasses the stomach and liver going from the lungs directly to the brain and the bloodstream.

The alcohol is not metabolized by the liver so it has a higher strength and more potent effect on the user when it hits the brain. The potency and strength of vaporized alcohol makes it a much higher risk for users to experience an overdose or alcohol poisoning.

Even worse, it is harder to get rid of the alcohol in the event that you do overdose. Normally people vomit to rid their body of alcohol that they've consumed but vaporized alcohol bypasses the stomach and so cannot be expelled from a person's system.This could cause serious problems and make consuming too much alcohol have lethal consequences.

Smoking alcohol can also be dangerous because of its increased potential to be addictive. Since the substance has a more rapid and intense effect compared to simply drinking alcohol, it can leave users wanting more.

The quick hit may be similar to using stimulants like cocaine or methamphetamine which can have much more addictive effects than drinking alcohol. It also may be harder for people to tell how much alcohol they have actually consumed as inhaling the vapors is much different than actually drinking the same amount. Inhaling vaporized alcohol has the potential to be highly addictive and very deadly for people who are not aware of the dangers.

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