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English Police Warn of "Pink Ecstasy"

on Friday, 01 June 2012. Posted in Ecstasy, Breaking News

Lethal Pink Ecstasy

These dangerous ecstasy tablets, containing PMA, have now been found in England. According to, police in Merseyside warned people that this potentially fatal drug, called "pink ecstasy," "Dr. Death," or "pink McDonald's" are being distributed in their area. These pills are pink in color, bearing the golden arches' "M" stamp.

The ingredient in these particular pills is actually an amphetamine called PMA, which is only slightly different than PMMA, which was found in Canadian ecstasy that killed several people. Assistant chief constable Andy Cooke, of Merseyside police, urged the public not to take illegal substances, especially pink ecstasy. He also asked the people to help police track down the distributors of this potentially lethal drug.

Cooke said, "We have strong information to suggest that tablets known as "pink ecstasy" are being supplied by criminals here in Merseyside and ending up in the hands of young people in different parts of the country." He urged people not to take these drugs.

Although this drug resembles ecstasy, it does not have the same effect, nor does it take effect as quickly as the traditional ecstasy. As a result, users may use more to achieve the high they are looking for, thus making them more susceptible to overdose. Liverpool's director of public health warned, "Anyone choosing to take illegal drugs has no idea what is in the drug or if it has been mixed with something harmful that different people will respond in different ways. One person may be fine, but their friend could have a serious or fatal reaction."

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