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Energy Drinks And Alcohol A Deadly Combination

on Friday, 01 August 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Energy Drinks And Alcohol A Deadly Combination

It seems every month there is a new type of drink coming out in the bars across the country. They are usually some new combination or hybrid of something mixed with alcohol for better taste or more potency. One of these that has been out for several years are a class of drinks that are energy drinks mixed with hard alcohol, usually Vodka. Over time, canned versions of alcohol and energy drinks have become available, and are usually a mix of things like alcohol, caffeine, ginseng, taurine and other stimulants. Despite their popularity, most people who drink them are not aware of the possible consequences that surround drinking one of these drinks.

The Illusion

If you think about it, it is pretty clear why something like this can be hazardous for the body and the mind. Energy drinks are made to hype you up, usually to a large degree, while alcohol is made to bring you down, and in the case of hard alcohol, it is made to bring you down pretty far. So, when you drink of combination of these two drinks, something that is bringing you up while taking you down at the exact same time, there is in fact a "nullifying" effect taking place. What this means is, when drinking these, you will be caffeinated and affected by alcohol at the same time, but not feel the full effects of either. However, this is not to say that they literally cancel each other out, as in the alcohol negates the effects of the caffeine and vise versa. They are having the same level of effect on the user than if the caffeine and the alcohol were consumed individually.

Consequences of the Deception

When under this strange combination, one will not feel as affected by alcohol as they really are. Because of the caffeine, they will feel more "up" than "down" from the alcohol, not really realizing how inebriated they really are. As a result, people will do things they will not normally do while drunk, like driving, and have a level of impaired judgment because of the alcohol that has been consumed. This leads to all the types of things that drunk driving leads to, which is typically an accident and the possibility of fatalities. One will also not feel like they are drunk enough to fail the breathalyzer test or other tests the police may perform to determine if someone is drunk and to what degree.

And, of course, drunk driving is not the only thing that someone might feel they can do under these circumstances. Engaging in risky sexual activity, driving with someone who is also drunk off of the same kind of caffeinated alcohol, and other such things are a few that fill that ominous list of what people do through the impaired judgment of being inebriated. And again, the reason that this condition is unique is that the caffeine that is present in these drinks makes people think they they are not really that drunk, if at all, but actually are and engage in activities that should not be done, at all, while any level of alcohol is present in their bodies.

Take Heed

There are also health concerns towards these kinds of drinks as well. Because of the level of alcohol and caffeine that is being consumed, coupled with the illusory effect it has on making someone think that they are not too drunk nor too high on caffeine, there runs the risk of both alcohol poisoning and the problems that can arise from drinking too much caffeine in a short amount of time, like heart palpitations.

So, it comes as no surprise that there are a lot of bars across the country that are not serving these kinds of drinks anymore, as well as many health warnings from different elements across Western culture, including the Center for Disease Control.

photo credit: petit_deray via photopin cc

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