Employees Arrested For Selling Cocaine And Marijuana At Miami Pizza Shop

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Miami pizza shop dealing illegal drugs

Miami, Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, good-looking people, and vibrant nightlife. But the city also has made the news because of the influx of cocaine and drug-related violence that invaded the city during the seventies, due to the arrival of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. However, since Pablo Escobar has been killed, Miami has calmed down and is no longer overrun by drug violence to the degree it once was. Even so, there will always be people trying to make an extra buck by selling drugs. This is illustrated by a case at a Miami pizza joint where an employee was recently arrested for selling cocaine and marijuana.

Poor Judgment
The employee, William Hallstrom, exhibited bad judgment on multiple levels. Not only was he selling illegal drugs, but he was distributing them from his place of employment, dragging his employer into his legal troubles when he eventually got caught. An undercover cop brought marijuana and cocaine from the employee who is now out of a job and facing drug charges. The sentence will also be harsher than usual because selling drugs near a neighborhood grocery store is treated like selling drugs near a school.

There Are Other Similar Cases
Unfortunately, the Miami case is only one example of these types of cases. In a pizza shop near Pittsburgh, the owner was also making extra money by selling drugs. The owner, Fadi Aboud, was caught in a police sting operation, after selling undercover cops drugs on multiple occasions. Aboud had been selling drugs for around two years, and most likely his business will now be shut down.

Another case of drug dealing happened in Hilton Head, South Carolina. Aaron Gessneer owned a pizza parlor and was arrested for possession of marijuana while at his restaurant. Upon further investigation, the restaurant also housed other drugs such as cocaine, mushrooms, and prescription drugs, leading investigators to believe that drugs might have also been distributed from the pizza joint.

An even more unusual case involving pizza and drugs is the story of a Papa John’s delivery guy who sold cocaine stashed in the pizza boxes. A man named Ramon Rodriguez dropped off cocaine orders that he stashed away in pizza boxes and bags. He was also arrested when he sold over twenty thousand dollars worth of drugs to an undercover police officer.

People Always Regret Selling Drugs
Fadi Aboud says that he completely regrets selling drugs, and it’s one of the worse mistakes that he’s made in his life. While these may be the words of a man who has been caught, he is also probably telling the truth. When someone is arrested for selling drugs, he is finally able to clearly see that he has thrown away his life. The repercussions often involve jail time, but even more importantly, they have ruined the future reputation of the person involved. Being a drug-dealer is considered one of the most morally vile things a person can do. The person dealing drugs will have to live with the damage to his reputation for the rest of his life.

Curious Connection Between Dealing Drugs And Selling Pizza
On a final note, there seems to be a curious connection between selling drugs and selling pizza. This may be incidental, despite the surprisingly high number of cases involving both. Or it could be less about pizza and more about the low economic reward of selling pizza resulting in the increased likelihood of employees selling drugs. Either way, no matter what a person’s occupation or station in life, selling drugs is never the right solution. Just like doing drugs, selling drugs is a quick high that comes with long-term consequences.

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