Eminem Opens Up About Prescription Drug Abuse

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Eminem Opens Up About Prescription Drug Abuse

Famous rapper Eminem has long been known for his irreverent lyrics and frank talk about his personal life. Up until recently, however, the recording artist had remained fairly quiet regarding his struggles with addiction. Recently, Eminem, who is enjoying creative and financial success with a new chart topping album, opened up about his struggle with painkillers and admitted that his problem was incredibly severe.

Eminem Opens Up About Being in Denial

In a recently produced documentary, “How to Make Money Selling Drugs,” Eminem recalls several instances wherein friends and loved ones attempted to talk to him about his addiction to prescription drugs. He explained that he often rebuked attempts at an intervention because he believed he was not an addict because he wasn’t “shooting heroin...or smoking crack.”

Pill Addiction Became Life Threatening

What Eminem was doing was abusing drugs like Xanax and Valium. The rapper was hospitalized after his internal organs, including his liver and kidneys began to shut down because of the excessive amount of drugs we was consuming. The situation became so dire that Eminem, in retrospect, believes that his “rock bottom was going to be death.”

After his hospitalization, Eminem was able to maintain his sobriety for some time, but did eventually relapse. The rapper recalls that while he was struggling with attempts to get clean, he did not believe that anyone could be truly happy.

He did also note that ultimately, the responsibility he felt toward his children and his obligation to give them a good upbringing was what helped him stay the course and do the work he needed to do to get sober. After remaining clean and sober for sometime, the message Eminem wants to convey to other recovering addicts is that it does get better.

Eminem Now

The struggles Eminem faced in his personal life as he worked to get sober are paying off as the rapper has emerged from recovery a stronger, healthier, more creative man. He currently has ten songs on R&B and Hip Hop charts. His album The Marshall Mathers LP 2 has songs at number one and two spots on the charts, and the album itself had the second biggest opening week for any album in 2013 so far. This is Eminem’s seventh number one album.

Hope After Recovery

Struggling with chemical dependency can make any addict feel lost and hopeless. Instances of relapse can only make reaching sobriety seem even more difficult and out of reach. Most addicts face issues of depression and anxiety, which only help fuel a person’s tendency toward addiction. The reality is though, that there is hope for any addict.

No matter how many times a person relapses or struggles with addiction, there is always the opportunity to seek treatment and return to the happy and healthy person that an addict was before their life became overrun with drugs. Not only is it possible for a person to recover fully and go on to enjoy a lifetime of health and happiness, for many addicts, the best years of their lives lie ahead of them as they make strides to become the people they wish to be.

Like any major struggle, overcoming addiction makes a person stronger. This means that they may move through treatment and discover that they are more creative, productive, and empathetic than they have ever been in their lives. As was the case for Eminem, achieving victory in treatment may very well mean achieving major strides in other areas of one’s life.

  • Barbara from Orlando, FL writes:

    Barbara, writes:
    Hi Cindy, I am reaching out today on behalf of my son. He has been struggling with drinking for a while now, and lately things have been getting worse. Last night, I received a call from him, and he was in a broken state of mind. He had realized how his drinking has been negatively affecting his life, and the toll is has taken on him. His job,his relationships, and his life are in jeopardy as a result of alcohol. He realizes that he can no longer go on this way, and last night he took the first step of reaching out for help. As a mother I will always be there for my son to help him any way I can, so I am reaching out to you. Please help me help my son.

    Cindy writes:
    Barbara, first of all thank you for reaching out. For many of us, sometimes the hardest step to take is to admit that we have a problem, and to reach out for help. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help, and I am glad to hear that your son has already made that step. As a mother myself, I can relate to what you are going through, and understand how addiction affects the entire family. Your son said that he could not go on this way, so now is the time to get in the solution. Most people struggling with addiction from Opiates (pain medication) as well as alcohol do need a period of detoxification. This will ensure that they safely transition off of the substances. Once medically stable, your son could begin the therapeutic side of the treatment process. Here, he would begin addressing the behavior and thinking patterns that directly contribute to the substance abuse. Everyone who struggles with addiction deserves the chance to recover. We are here to help, and to make sure your son has the best chance possible for recovery.

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