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Elton John Helps Lady Gaga Kick Drug Addiction

on Monday, 08 December 2014. Posted in Breaking News

The singer has been open about her drug use during past interviews, saying that smoking pot is her way of dealing with stress, pain, and emotions. In 2013, Lady Gaga suffered from a hip injury that required surgery and left her wheelchair bound to recover.

The incident caused the singer to realize her marijuana habit was out of control and an unhealthy way of coping. At the time Gaga was smoking between 15 to 20 marijuana cigarettes per day.

She says she felt numbed out and out of touch with the reality of her life. The constant smoking helped her cope with the physical pain of her hip injury as well as the emotional pain that the injury, or perhaps something else, was causing.

In interviews Gaga has also stated that her reliance on drugs has increased with her fame. She has talked about the tension and stress that comes along with fame is often difficult to deal with. Smoking marijuana has helped the singer deal with emotional issues in the face of all the pressures she has to deal with on a day to day basis.

Gaga has also talked about how using drugs seems to enhance her creativity. It's a bad habit she says developed long ago and that has now become unhealthy for her. The singer says she wants to figure out how to get to a place where she can stop relying on the drugs and still perform well creatively.

The singer's drug habits have made headlines once again after close friend Elton John stepped in to intervene (Gaga is also godmother to John's son Elijah). Gaga's behavior while under the influence had become increasingly disturbing, with the singer acting out at the weddings of her best friend and the brother of her boyfriend.

Gaga says she is ashamed of the way she behaved at her best friend's wedding where she was maid of honor. She admitted that she was high throughout the ceremony and reception, and even during rehearsals. At boyfriend Taylor Kinney's brother's wedding, Gaga says she become so intoxicated she had to nap out on the lawn during the ceremony.

Elton John, who battled a drug addiction himself and has remained sober for several decades, has urged Gaga to do something to change her life around. John has expressed concern over the singer's health in the past, and now it seems that she is taking it seriously.

Gaga says she has begun the road to recovery by no longer allowing herself to be drunk or high while on stage. She says she isn't completely sober just yet.

Elton John has been outspoken about his own experience with drug addiction and his subsequent stints in rehab. He has been a role model for other celebrities who are struggling with substance abuse and has even gone so far as urging his celebrity friends to get help.

Some have responded positively, while others, like Billy Joel, have not taken it so well. Joel has not spoken with John since the singer urged him to get help for a drinking problem after the two toured together.

In addition to speaking out about his own recovery and helping others get the help they need, John also works to raise awareness of AIDS and HIV with the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The nonprofit that was established in 1992 has raised over $200 million to help fund AIDS awareness programs in countries all over the world.


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