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Elizabeth Vargas Writing A Memoir Of Her Struggle With Alcoholism

on Tuesday, 10 June 2014. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

Elizabeth Vargas Writing A Memoir Of Her Struggle With Alcoholism

The co-anchor of 20/20, Elizabeth Vargas has only recently begun to open up about her issues with alcoholism after completing a stay in rehab. She is now willing to share the details of her story by writing a memoir about her alcohol problem and the process of her recovery. Vargas entered a rehab center last November and returned to her position on 20/20 late in January this year.

She spoke about her alcoholism for the first time on “Good Morning America”and revealed the secret that she had kept for a long time. Now her plans are to write a book that will be published in 2016 with the details of her issues with addiction.

Memoirs as Inspiration

Vargas says that her goal in writing the memoir will be to offer the kind of inspiration that helped her when she was beginning to realize she had a problem. She read many books by women who suffered from alcoholism as she worried about her own drinking. Reading these kinds of memoirs helped her to realize she was not alone in her problem and she could look to these women for inspiration.

The stories of other alcoholic women gave her the courage to reach out and get the help that she needed to finally recover from her addiction. Vargas plans to write her own memoir as a way to let other women know that there is hope for them to change their lives and finally quit drinking. She is ready to tell her own story that will be deeply personal and honest.

A Secret Life of Addiction

The memoir that Vargas is beginning to work on will be the story of how her alcohol problem began and how it affected her life. Her issues with drinking were directly related to her anxiety, a common problem among alcoholics. She turned to alcohol to cope with crippling anxiety attacks that she dealt with ever since she was a child.

As the attacks continued into adulthood, her drinking began to escalate even as she was juggling a successful career in journalism. Her drinking problem became a burdensome secret that left her feeling alone and isolated in a double life as an alcoholic. Vargas felt that she couldn’t tell anyone about her alcohol problem and she suffered alone while still functioning as a television anchor. She eventually realized that she had to get help and quit drinking before it was too late.

Succeeding Inspite Of Addiction

In spite of her issues of alcoholism, Vargas is still a successful television journalist that can offer hope to others struggling with addiction. Her goal is for her memoir to reach people and be something that they can relate to. She says that if even one person can connect with her story then it will be worth the effort in writing it.

The book is meant to offer solace and guidance to those struggling with alcohol addiction while also giving the author a chance to let go of her past and the secret burden she held for so many years.     

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