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Elderly, Homeless Junkies Find A Place to Call Home

on Wednesday, 04 April 2012. Posted in Breaking News

The Dutch take a liberal approach to drugs than many other parts of the world.  A Dutch old-age home, named Woodstock after the famous music festival, is a prime example of this.  This is the place many elderly junkies call home.

According to France24, many addicts aged 45-70 in this area were homeless, and they were often the victims of petty crime.  One man describes being beaten up so badly by a couple of young guys that he lost his eye.  Thirty-two elderly addicts are housed here, three of them being women.

“We are not here to try and rehabilitate our residents,” said Nils Hollenborg, the home’s manager and resident psychiatrist.  ”In fact, our criteria state you can only get into Woodstock if you are over 45 and after a medical evaluation declares you beyond rehabilitation. What we do here is give people a roof over their heads, a stable home and something to eat for free–and we tolerate a limited use of hard drugs.”  Many of the residents take methadone, which like food and accommodation is free.  Alcohol and other drugs must be bought from the street.

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