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Duke University Students Now Have The Option Of Treatment For Addiction

on Tuesday, 03 June 2014. Posted in Breaking News, Treatment

Duke University Students Now Have The Option Of Treatment For Addiction

For the first time, Duke University in Durham, North Carolina is offering an addiction treatment center for students struggling with substance abuse problems. Duke has had a history of addiction programs successfully helping adults that were unable to overcome their drug problems but now students also have the opportunity to benefit from their residential recovery facility.

At Bluefield recovery center, students from Duke as well as other nearby universities have access to patient care and a chance to escape the pressures of college life that may make it difficult for them to quit an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

The North Carolina Addiction Program

The Bluefield recovery center is the first treatment program of its kind to be associated with Duke. The facilities are located just a few blocks from Duke’s East Campus and already have students from the University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University in addition to its first Duke student.

The recovery center provides housing and support for students who are dealing with an alcohol or drug addiction and still allows them to remain enrolled in their classes. The recovery center could potentially expand into other universities to provide more services to college students in need.

Residential Services for Committed Sobriety

The addiction program associated with Duke offers residential apartment buildings for students to stay in close to campus. There are four buildings used for residential services where those in the program can be committed to substance-free living away from any social peer pressure that might lead them to backslide. That way when students return to living on campus they have gone through focused and intense therapy that will give them more confidence and motivation to remain sober.

The cost of living in the residential facilities for the program is $3200 per month which can be part of their University housing payment. Those working in the recovery center want to create an environment that is focused on sober living for students so that they can commit to a better quality of life and enjoy college without using drugs or alcohol.

Alcohol Abuse among College Students

Duke has been involved in addiction treatment in the past with programs for adults and on-campus services for students as well. There are three different Alcoholics Anonymous meetings a week held at Duke’s Student Wellness Center where young people can discuss their experiences with addiction and receive support in their recovery.

The university also has a BASICS substance abuse screening program and addiction therapists available for students who meet the criteria for suffering from an addiction.  The majority of students on campus are dealing with alcohol abuse with as many as 174 referred to the university’s abuse program to help them identify their patterns and risk factors for addiction.

Alcohol Addiction Is A Common Issue For Students

Alcohol addiction is a common problem for students all over the U.S., but only a small percentage of those actually seek treatment for their substance abuse issues. The pressures of their social environment can make it hard to resist drinking at parties and with friends.

That is one reason the residential facility can be such a helpful tool for Duke University students to make the effort to remain sober. The recovery center associated with Duke may provide a safe haven where college students can receive the necessary support they need to quit drinking or using drugs while still being able to commit to their normal school schedule.

Addiction can be especially difficult for young people in their college years and having a program that offers residential services can be the most effective way for them to make a full recovery.

photo credit: dannyfowler via photopin cc

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