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Dubai Customs Find Cocaine Hidden in a Woman's Hair

on Friday, 04 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Cocaine, Heroin

Cocaine Heroin Smuggling

Dubai Police arrested two women for drug trafficking, one hid copious amounts of cocaine in her hair, while the other agreed to transport the drugs in return for 50 bags of rice.

Two African females were seized separately in Dubai, where they had managed to skip through airport customs in other countries. According to Emirates24/, one hid cocaine in her hair, while the other concealed heroin in her shoes.

The first woman was a 25-year-old from Kenya. Female airport inspectors noticed an unusual bulge in the woman's hair. When asked about the bulge, the woman claimed to use a special hair glue for her extensions. Newspapers quoted Dubai's head of the counter-narcotics department, who said, "When they looked into her hair, they found 10 plastic rolls inside hair curls…they contained nearly 360gm of cocaine." The woman confessed she had received the drugs from a South African friend in Argentina, and she was traveling to Johannesburg, as she was promised to receive money for delivering drugs.

The other woman was a 28-year-old woman, heading for Nairobi. She attracted the attention of inspectors because of her confused behavior. They found heroin in both shoes. She told police she received the drugs from a Nigerian in Pakistan, who asked her to deliver the drugs to Malawi. "She said she agreed to do the job in return for 50 bags of rice."

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Image courtesy of Emaret Al Youm.

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