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Dry July

on Monday, 02 July 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

dry july give up alcohol

Dry July is an Australian based non-profit organization with a great cause. The aim is to help raise money for adults live with cancer.

Participants of the program seek sponsorship for giving up alcohol for the whole month of July. The funds raised will directly help improve the quality of life for those living with cancer by creating better environments and support networks for patients and their families.

So far this year, the program has 20 beneficiaries on board across Australia and New Zealand.

It is important to be able to give back to those in need. Any sacrifice an individual can make to help a greater cause is always a good thing.

Not only does the program raise funds and awareness for cancer patients, the program may also have an unexpected benefit for the participant. By individuals abstaining from alcohol for a month, they may see a positive change in their own life. The program gives individuals a chance to examine their own drinking habits, the value of a balanced lifestyle, and encourages a healthy awareness to alcohol consumption.

The program was founded by Phil Grove, Brett Macdonald, and Kenny McGilvary. All three have had experience losing family members to cancer. Dry July began as a challenge between a few friends, however over 1,000 people joined in, kicking in over $200,000. So far, the non-profit organization has raised more than $6.8 million and continues to grow. Participants are even able to select which hospital they would like their donations to go to during the sign up process.

Ambassador for the program, Kerre Woodham, understands the benefits the month long fast can have to individuals. “I think people look for a reason to give up, you know I think we have a complicated relationship with alcohol and I think it’s good to stop and just have check and see where you’re at,” she said.

The program obviously has multiple positive effects in a community, hospitals, and individual’s lives. Hopefully we will see participation in Dry July increase as more attention is brought to it.

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