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Drugs Found in Toddler's Pocket During a Raid

Written by Eliza Player on Friday, 20 April 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Cocaine

Drugs Found On Child

Mother places crack cocaine and pills in her toddler's jacket pocket before attempting to escort him out of the house during a raid.

Police in Newcastle, Pennsylvania claim they found crack cocaine and pills in a toddler's pocket during a drug raid. According to CBS News, the cops found the drugs in the toddler's jacket pocket, as the child's mother handed him to a woman outside the apartment.

The D.A. said, "The officers were very agitated at the scene because there was some information that at the time of the arrest, that those drugs were placed into the pocket of the child and then the child was being escorted out." Police recovered 49 individually wrapped bags of crack cocaine, along with a small amount of pills. The cops also found cash and marijuana in the house. The child has been turned over to Lawrence County Child Youth Services, and this is the second time drugs were found in the apartment with the child.

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