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Drugs and Prostitution Create a Revolving Door for Crime

on Monday, 07 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News

Drug Addiction and Prostitution

A recent prostitution sting by Huntsville Police has shown how often drugs and prostitution go hand in hand. According to, police claim they can only do so much to tackle this problem. Sergeant Mark Roberts said, "What we try to do after that is try to put the pressure on them, put them in jail and keep them off the streets." (How about treatment?)

Ten of the men and women arrested in the sting have already bonded out, and police believe they will probably see some of them again. Roberts said, "Just about most of them you either find paraphernalia or some type of drugs on the girls. A large percentage of them use substances. That's how they're supporting their habits."

It is a revolving door, hinged on addiction. Clete Wetli, a certified addictions profession that counsels those suffering from substance abuse, said, "What we end up doing is criminalizing addiction, criminalizing a disease and expecting people to go back and simply change, when often times they aren't capable of that change without help."

Once released from jail, many of these offenders turn to drastic means to get their fix. Welti argues that keeping neighborhoods free from sex solicitors and drugs goes beyond law enforcement. She said, "There has to be a mechanism for rehabilitation. And when we treat people and rehabilitate them, often times it's successful."

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