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Drug Problems Rage Through Tennessee, But Parents Can Do More

on Thursday, 31 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Crystal Meth, Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Addiction

Drug abuse is nothing to become complacent about, and a paper in Tennessee warns their readers about the dangers of complacency in their communities. According to The Tennessean, their state has one of the worst prescription pill problems, as well as the worst methamphetamine problem. Law enforcement, jails, and prisons have their hands full with recent crackdowns on these illicit operations.

"The message that's coming through is pretty clear: No matter how effective we become at catching the dealers and punishing them, that's only part of the solution." The overall crime has dropped in the state over the last four years, but drug crimes are higher than they have been in more than ten years. The state has attempted to crush production of meth, as well as tightening restrictions on prescription drugs, but it does not seem to make as much of a dent in the problems.

Part of this growth in drug use is due to the fact that meth producers have taken a different approach to their businesses, by discarding the old meth-house practices, trading them in for smaller, mobile meth labs that operate for a day or two from motels before moving on. Tennessee law enforcement is committed to stopping drug crime, but they are not the only ones who can help stamp out this problem.

The average citizen can help this problem at home, especially concerning prescription drugs. Abusers often find their fix in the family medicine cabinet at an early age. Rehab centers are seeing an increase in admittance for young kids with addictions to painkillers, like hydrocodone and Oxycontin. These kids often get the pills at home first, then turning to buying them on the streets, and often even turning to heroin because the street price of heroin is cheaper than the price of prescription painkillers on the street. Parents can help eliminate these problems by securing medicine cabinets, as well as educating their children about the dangers of drug abuse.

The media and pharmaceutical companies can also help stamp out this raging problem. Drug addiction is often portrayed in the media as a character weakness, and an accepted part of society. Celebrities going in and out of treatment become articles that the public devours, viewing addicts and their addiction as entertainment. Drug makers may follow government regulations by giving the dangers of misuse, but it is often coupled with advertising drugs a modern miracles and wonder drugs.

Too often, people regard drug use as someone else's problem. Until it happens to them or someone they love. As this problem grows, both in Tennessee and around the country, we begin to realize that it is not simply someone else's problem. Parents can take responsibility for this problem, talking to their children about the dangers. Preventing drug abuse starts at home.

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