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Drug Counselors Warn Parents of Dangerous "Skittling"

on Wednesday, 16 May 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Prescription Drugs

Prescription Drug Abuse

Drug counselors in Myrtle Beach, SC warn of a dangerous, new drug trend that is affecting kids as young as middle school. According to, "skittling" is a potentially fatal pastime, in which teens and preteens are having parties where they gather all different kinds of prescription drugs, mix them together in a bowl and randomly take them.

We all know how dangerous mixing prescription drugs can be, especially if alcohol is involved. Spencer Josey, a drug counselor at Coastal Recovery Center claims to be frightened that some people believe "skittling" is a myth. He said, "It is happening. It's real. It's scary. It is dangerous and it's not something to be playing around with." He also claims that when prescription pills are mixed, a "person can transform into a walking time bomb."

Coastal Recovery Center conducted a survey of 103 students from a local church, and they discovered 68% of them claimed to have taken drugs or alcohol at least once a month. Horry County school officials are trying their best to make students aware of drugs and their effects as early as elementary school. The school district holds Red Ribbon Week to promote drug awareness, teaching kids about drugs and the consequences that come with taking them. Myrtle Beach Intermediate School has also implemented a mentoring program, so younger children can make connections with older kids who steer them away from drugs and alcohol.

Drug counselors also warn parents to play an active role in drug awareness. They can attempt to curb "skittling" by locking up all prescription medications, as well as warning their children of the dangers of mixing prescription drugs, especially when alcohol is also involved.

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