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Drug Bust Results In The Seizure Of 170 Balloons Of Heroin And Multiple Arrests

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Thursday, 05 July 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Heroin

heroin filled balloons

Bloomington [IN] Police Department detectives served a search warrant last Thursday that resulted in seizure of more than 170 balloons of heroin as well as the arrests of three men.

Thirty-six year old William E. Sabbagh faces a Class A felony of possession of heroin with intent to deal. Bloomington Police Department detective Jarred Burns had been investigating Sabbagh for quite a while. Therefore, when police arrived at Sabbagh’s home on Thursday afternoon with a search warrant at 1PM they anticipated finding drugs and conducting arrests.

As police were preparing to enter the home, thirty-six year old Jason Straw was exiting the home. On the spot, Mr. Straw was arrested on a preliminary charge of visiting a common nuisance. Upon a search Bloomington Police learned that Straw had four balloons of heroin in his pockets.

While officers were walking in to the home they saw thirty-one year Joshua Wall. As he witnessed the police, Wall dropped eight balloons of heroin he had in his hand, an account taken from the police report. Officer Drake arrested Wall. Meanwhile Wall faces preliminary charges of possession of a controlled substance and visiting a common nuisance.

As police officers searched the home they found Sabbagh sitting on a bed with a 20 balloons of heroin hidden in pillbox. Each balloon consisted of approximately three doses and had a black market cost of about $50. Fifty more heroin-filled balloons turned up as police searched the home. They also confiscated a lock-box. The lock-box contained an assortment of white powder, alleged to be three grams of methampetamine, clear Ziploc bags, a crack-cocaine pipe, thirty-nine blue-colored pills alleged to be Lortab, a nominal amount of marijuana, one thousand three hundred dollars in cash, twenty-six needles, and seventeen tablets of Ecstasy.

According to police Sabbagh also kept a hardcopy file of filled with names of clients he had been making transactions with as well as an accounting of money he was owed.

During the time that police were conducting the search and drug bust, twenty year old Edwin Reyna Lopez arrived at the home where he attempted to make delivery of. As Reyna-Lopez recognized police he proceeded to attempt to swallow approximately 15 balloons of heroin that he had been carrying. Police recovered ninety other heroin balloons from Reyna-Lopez’s person.

In order to receive treatment, Reyna-Lopez was arrested and subsequently transported to Bloomington Hospital. Upon his hospital release, Reyna-Lopez is expected to face a class A felony possession of heroin with intent to deal charge.

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DeShawn McQueen

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