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Drug Addicted Adolescents At Great Risk Of Physical Consequences

on Tuesday, 23 September 2014. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, Legal Drugs, Treatment

Addiction is a serious disease that can truly devastate the life of the person who is caught in its grasp. When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, their mind and body suffer serious consequences that can even be fatal if a person continues down the path of drug use. No person reacts well to drug or alcohol addiction, but teens who suffer from addiction are at an even higher risk for serious physical consequence than their older counterparts. Teens who use drugs or alcohol may be causing major physical damage that can have an impact on their health that will last their entire life.

All Major Systems of the Body Are Affected By Drug Use

No matter how a drug is ingested or what type of drug is being abused, when a person uses a drug, it has an impact on every part of their body. When a person puts drugs into their body, it enters their bloodstream, which means that the drug is distributed all over the entire body. The drugs are also delivered to the brain, which is of course responsible for regulating every aspect of the body. Drug use affects the respiratory system (especially when drugs are smoked or snorted.) It also has a major impact on things like liver function and cardiovascular health. While this is dangerous for a user of any age, teen drug users have bodies and brains that are not fully developed. This means that their major organs may be less able to process the poisonous effects of drugs. Because their bodies are still developing, teens who abuse drugs are also very prone to experience developmental problems that may range from severe emotional and mental damage, the improperly developed vital organs.

Higher Risk For Disease

One of the leading causes of HIV infection in young people is the use of intravenous drugs. Use of injected drugs puts a teen in a high probability of suffering from infection of HIV and other viruses and diseases that are caused by the exchange of bodily fluids. Teens who abuse drugs of all kinds, from alcohol to heroin to cocaine, are also subject to much less effective immune systems. This means that they may be far more likely to contract serious illnesses that can lead to physical damage that can be severe in both the short and long term.

Mental Health

Of course, drug use has been linked to mental health in a number of ways. When a person abuses drugs, they truly alter the chemistry of their brains. This is particularly problematic among teens, whose developing brains already have a higher risk of emotional imbalance. Teens who abuse drugs are at a severe risk for conditions like depression and anxiety. Those who damage the brain’s ability to regulate emotions could face serious consequences that last well into adulthood. The brain may also suffer damage from drug use that can lead to cognitive processing problems, poor long and short term memory, and problems with social situations.

Teens Who Use Need Immediate Help

It is vital that any teen who is using gets the help they need to achieve sobriety. The sooner a teen gets healthy and sober, the lower their chances are for suffering from major long term physical effects. Teens are a population that is at a great risk for succumbing to drug use because of the fact that they are much more susceptible to peer pressure and much more likely to be offered dangerous drugs by other teens. It is vital to talk to teens about the risks and dangers of drugs.

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