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Dr. writes script to DEA agent

on Tuesday, 26 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Prescription Drugs

prescription drug abuse

A Los Angeles doctor is in hot water after prescribing multiple narcotics to an undercover DEA agent.

Dr. Lisa Tseng, who has already settled 5 wrongful death suits, has gained a reputation for carelessly supplying large amounts of narcotic medications to patients whose needs did not medically justify the need for such drugs.

An agent, with a concealed video camera, visited Dr. Tseng’s office to see just how hard it was to get the doctor to start writing scripts. The agent began describing an old wrist injury and asked the doctor for OxyContin. At first, Tseng did not seem to buy the story as she balked at the agent’s request.

She took a look and said, “Your wrist looks perfectly ok.” No exams or x-rays were performed. However, within minutes, Tseng brought out the script pad and began writing prescriptions. She said to the agent, “I’m going to write you a 10 day supply, and I don’t want to see you within 10 days, ok?”

Although Tseng did not write the agent a prescription for OxyContin, she did write him for Xanax and Vicodin, both narcotics.

Tseng is currently facing 19 felony charges for writing prescription medications for no medical purpose, and 3 counts of second degree murder following the death of 3 or more of her patients.

So I guess the question is where to put the blame. Should it be on the patients attempting to trick the doctors, or on the doctors who are writing the scripts based on what the patient tells them?

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