Dr. Lynne Fenton, Psychiatrist of James Holmes Wrote Inappropriate Drug Prescriptions

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Psychiatrist of James Holmes Wrote Inappropriate Prescriptions

Accusations, and as of late documents, have recently surfaced indicating that Dr. Lynne Fenton, a psychiatrist and in particular the psychiatrist who treated James Holmes, otherwise known as the Aurora Colorado shooter, engaged in less than responsible medical care.

Case in point, in 2005 the Colorado medical board reprimanded Dr. Fenton for prescribing anti-anxiety medication to her employee and to herself. As well, she prescribed medication to her husband.

Additionally, during the late 1990’s Dr. Fenton allegedly kept fragmented records subsequent to prescribing medications like Ambien, Lorazepam, Vicodin and Xanax according to records from the Colorado Medical Board of Examiners. In fact, the Colorado Medical Board of Examiners held Dr. Fenton accountable for the deficient prescription-recordkeeping.

Attorneys for Holmes divulged in court that the shooter was in fact a patient of Dr. Fenton. Suddenly, the media became more interested in the psychiatrist’s past.

The Colorado Medical Board discovered that Dr. Fenton had written an employee prescriptions for Vicodin and Lorazepam to treat pain involving anxiety and headaches. Another occasion involved Dr. Fenton prescribing Xanax to an employee to treat anxiety that the employee was apparently suffering from before a flight to visit her terminally ill mother. She prescribed Ambien to her husband for the purpose of treating insomnia.

Allegedly, attorneys for Holmes are expected to subpoena Dr. Fenton to obtain a notebook that Holmes allegedly mailed to her before he killed twelve people at a midnight screening of a “The Dark Knight Rises”. It is suspected that the journal contained sketches of the shooting.

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