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Diamond Dallas Page Recovery Yoga for Ex-Pro Wrestlers

on Tuesday, 05 May 2015. Posted in Breaking News

Retired professional wrestler, Diamond Dallas Page discovered a new career after two decades of wrestling for the WCW and WWF. He is now known as a fitness guru and the creator of DDP Yoga, a growing health and fitness company with a line of instructional DVDS.

Page's unique yoga program has helped other former wrestlers like his own mentor Jake "the Snake" Roberts in recovering from the mental and physical issues that had taken their toll on him. Roberts, with the help of his friend Page, has worked hard to restore his life that had been nearly destroyed by addiction as well as physical and financial ruin.

Both Page and Roberts had to end their wrestling careers after years of success and fame and try to reshape their image. Page has managed to gain a new career and completely new following as a yoga and healthy-eating guru.

Roberts was able to work with Page to redeem himself and change his life around after a number of public meltdowns due to his struggles with addiction. Page's yoga program has already helped a number of other former and even current pro wrestlers recover from serious injuries.

Treating Injuries with Yoga
Diamond Dallas Page admits that in the past he wouldn't have been caught dead doing yoga. Then after a potential career-ending injury involving ruptured discs, he was willing to try yoga in order to return to physical health and be able to perform again. After only three weeks of practicing yoga, Page's pain was reduced and his flexibility greatly increased.

He began to create his own workout program to rehabilitate his body which eventually evolved into the current DDP Yoga program. In less than three months he was able to start wrestling again and even became the WCW world heavy weight champion.

His yoga program gained a loyal following and Page was even able to help fellow wrestlers and world champions like Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, and Jerry Brisco recover from back issues and reclaim their lives.

Jake Roberts' Addiction and Recovery
Page suggested the program to Jake Roberts who had suffered a series of concussions while wrestling which caused his hands and feet to become stiff and curled. Following the injury, Roberts' weight shot up to 305 and he fell deeper into an addiction to alcohol and crack cocaine.

Page decided to help Roberts learn the program and asked to film his progress as a documentary chronicling his transformation. After six weeks of Page's help, Roberts shed 30 pounds and was able to quit drugs cold turkey.

Roberts continued drinking for a period of time until he finally chose to attend recovery meetings and take Antabuse to combat his alcoholism. While getting through the program he continued to lose more weight and battle his issues with addiction. Page is hopeful that a documentary about Roberts' recovery through DDP yoga will help other addicts suffering from addiction while also getting more attention for his program.

Roberts struggled physically with the program and said that getting his health back has been one of the hardest things he has ever done. Sobriety is the one thing that Roberts really wants and he was willing to do anything to achieve it.Roberts has been sober for three years and the recently released documentary "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake Roberts" chronicles his recovery.

Diamond Dallas Page's program is a part of the former wrestler's mission to help others like Jake in regaining their health. His work with ex-pro wrestlers has proven that yoga and healthy eating can be a tool not only to recover from physical injuries but even to help recovering addicts on their journey to sobriety.


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