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Demi Moore’s Daughter Arrested For Drinking Alcohol In Public And Using A Fake ID

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Thursday, 02 August 2012. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News, Alcohol

Scout Willis arrested drinking in public

Scout Willis, daughter of one of Tinsel-Town’s former highest paid actors, Demi Moore, and as we all know, former step-daughter of the infamous Ashton Kutcher has had some recent legal woes of her own.

In June, the then-20 year old [now 21 as of July 20] Willis was arrested when she was allegedly caught not only drinking alcohol in public but also presenting fake identification to police officers. When police realized the identification was fake Scout provided police with her actual California identification and revealed her real name.

Nevertheless, just as stated above, Scout was charged with the following two misdemeanors: presenting fake identification to police and drinking alcohol in public.

However, if Scout complies with community service ordered by a New York City judge, the Brown University student will receive niether probation nor jail time according to her attorney Stacey Richman. In fact, the younger Willis was not even present in court when her attorney entered the plea.

For your information, the New York Daily News revealed that Scout is a beer drinker. Yep, while waiting at the Union Square subway station she was caught “red-handed” with an open container of Pakistani beer.

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