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Dealing with Alcohol in the House as an Alcoholic

on Thursday, 23 October 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Once an alcohol leaves their rehab program, they still face many challenges in maintaining their sobriety and continue to struggle to live their alcohol and drug-free lifestyle. If you are an alcoholic and you are moving back home with your family then you will have to take some time discuss the changes you have made with everyone in the household.

You need to make sure that everyone supports you and your decision to be sober even if they continue to drink themselves. They will need to be more cautious and understanding of your situation especially in cases of having parties and gatherings or having alcohol in the house.

Alcoholism does not end after rehab is over; it is a long term problem that will continue to affect you and the people around you for a long time. You need to make sure that your living situation is a positive environment that will allow you to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Household Arrangements and Alcohol

As you return home and meet with your family, roommate or whoever you may be living with, it is a good idea to try to educate them about what it means to be an alcoholic and give them a chance to understand your situation. They will need to have an understanding of how important it is for you to avoid triggers and be in a space where you will not feel tempted to drink again.

If they plan on having alcohol in the house you can ask them to put it in a place where you don't see it or where you won't have access to it. If you are really concerned about the way you might react to being around alcohol you can ask them not to have any drinks in the house at any time.

A supportive and caring member of your household will do whatever it takes to ensure you remain healthy and sober. If your family or roommates plan on having parties or gatherings with some alcohol they should run by the details with you first so that you know when the event will be taking place.

That way you spend the night somewhere else or work late so that you do not have to be around the drinking and can avoid any potential triggers. If you feel strong enough to be there at the party you can ask that they include plenty of non-alcoholic drinks or sodas so you will be able to participate in the festivities.

On the other hand if you are really concerned about your well-being you can ask that they put any parties on hold for a period of time.

Avoiding Relapse in a Supportive Home

While it may be difficult for you as an alcoholic to live with people who still drink, it may be equally stressful for your friends or family members to live with a recovering addict. The important thing is that you keep the lines of communication open and make sure that everyone is on the same page in supporting your recovery.

When stress is running high, make sure to talk through whatever problems are coming up and stay focused on your goal of sobriety no matter what is going on in the household. Always make it clear to members of your household how important it is that you maintain your sobriety and avoid the dangers of relapse.

When they understand that relapse is a reality and a dangerous issue then they will be more likely to take whatever steps are necessary to help you stay sober. If you find that people in your household will not cooperate for whatever reason, the best option is sometimes to find your own place even temporarily.

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