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Maryland Man Running Large Scale Drug Operation Out Of Home Day Care

on Saturday, 14 December 2013. Posted in Marijuana, Breaking News

Day Care Drug Dealer

Most parents take great care in choosing the right daycare for their child because they want to entrust their son or daughter with someone who they know will provide a safe and healthy environment for them while they are at work or school. For some parents in Howard, Maryland, recently, however, their worst nightmares came true when it was discovered that the at-home day care their children were attending was in fact just a front for a major drug sales operation.

Neighbors in Shock
Following the arrest of 31 year old David Anderson, neighbors expressed shock and disbelief, as they had no clue that their sleepy neighborhood was home to a large and profitable drug manufacturing den. Anderson’s home had an underground room, where he grew marijuana plants on a very high scale. Anderson had specially equipped the room so that his plants would not be detected by outsiders. It was equipped with insulated walls and a self contained electric system, as well as a special ventilation system that masked the odor of the multitude of plants. Many neighbors expressed the sentiment that this type of facility was hardly par for the course in what they described as a sleepy, family friendly neighborhood.

More Than Drugs Turned Up in Search
When police raided Anderson’s home, in addition to the equipment they discovered that indicated massive levels of marijuana production, including baggies all over the home he shared with his fiancee, a very disturbing number of deadly firearms were also found on the premises. Parents of children who attended the day care were absolutely terrified to learn that the same area their small children played on was filled with weapons that could have been used in what may have been a major catastrophe, had any of the small children gotten a hold of them. The license to this day care, which was issued to Anderson’s fiancee, has, not surprisingly, been revoked.

Anderson Faces Major Fines and Jail Time
At this time, David Anderson is being charged with manufacturing, producing, and distributing marijuana. Because he committed these major crimes in the presence of young children entrusted in his care, he is likely to face even more charges, and may see his potential jail sentence grow even longer. For the time being, however, he has been released on a $35,000.00 bond.

Questions Arise As to Why This Happened
It is difficult to speculate what could possibly possess a person in Anderson’s position to grow any amount of marijuana while he and his fiancee had small children in their care. Surely, a number of factors contributed to his decision making, and one of them may be that if Anderson himself abused the drug he was manufacturing, his decision making may have been clouded. Marijuana has been shown to affect many cognitive functions, including decision making, in people who use it.

Families Urged to Do Extensive Research on Day Care Facilities
Working parents or parents who are enrolled in schools or other programs, are strongly urged to be more than thorough when it comes to choosing the right facility for their childcare needs. Many childcare and child development professionals urge parents to conduct long in person interviews with the person who will be in charge at the facility they are choosing. They should also have relatively extensive phone conversations with personal references furnished by the caregiver they are considering. The advent of social media has also given many parents the chance to get a glimpse of who their child’s potential caregiver really is, simply by checking that person’s Facebook or Twitter page and looking out for anything suspect.

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