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DARE Program Cut In One Virginia County To Save Money

Written by Eliza Player on Wednesday, 04 April 2012. Posted in Breaking News

DARE Program Cut In One Virginia County To Save Money

Franklin County, Virginia will end the Drug Abuse Resistance Education, or DARE, for public schools at the end of the school year.  The cut will save the department $1,483 and will add two deputies to street law enforcement.  Because of budget constraints, the two officers usually assigned to DARE will be reassigned to regular duties.

DARE is a full time job for two deputies during the school year, including lesson planning and teaching.  In the summer, the deputies take on other assignments.  The budget for the DARE program has decreased in past years, dropping for $8,398 in 2008-09 to $1,483 allocated last year.  The county says that this is more about stretching resources and adding two more deputies to the street.  Franklin County Sheriff Bill Overton said, “I think we can be more effective in dealing with the drug issues by putting people on the streets.”

According to , this is not the first school to cut the funding for DARE.  DARE’s effectiveness has been questioned, and according to the 2001 report “Youth Violence:A Report of the Surgeon General,” but the Sheriff claims that has nothing to do with it.  Franklin County Schools cannot show one way or the other if the program works or not.  The resource officers at the schools will not be affected by this, and the schools will still have the same amount of law enforcement on campus.

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Eliza Player

Eliza Player

I have been writing as long as I can remember, even carrying tattered notebooks with me through the streets and strip clubs of New Orleans, in the midst of my heroin addiction. I lived a life saturated in heroin until Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, leaving me to fend for myself, eventually facing my demons and coming face to face with my addiction. I have been clean for five years, and since then I have become a mother, graduated college, and started a writing career. I have a B.A. in Mass Media Communication, with a minor in Journalism. I have also written one published book, Through Both Hell and High Water: A Memoir of Addiction and Hurricane Katrina, which tells the story of those dark days I spent in New Orleans after the storm, battling with addiction amidst a natural disaster. I am the blogger and news curator for RecoveryNowTV, and I love sharing the stories of the world, as well as my own personal journey, with my readers. I hope that my words can touch others out there, struggling with addiction.

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