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Cruise Ship Serves Alcohol to a Three-Year-Old, Instead of Plain OJ

on Wednesday, 06 June 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Alcohol

Vodka Spiked OJ

A company that manages dinner cruises in Hawaii mistakenly served alcohol to a three-year-old boy. According to Seattle Times, the mother of the child said her son's orange juice was spiked with vodka.

She noticed her son turning red, acting unruly and mumbling. She said, "He just got really red and he just kept mumbling, 'Momma it's hot, it's hot. He was so wild, full of energy and tried to run here and there but couldn't even stand straight."

Then, she tried his drink and tasted alcohol. Then, she offered a taste up to family members and others nearby for additional confirmation. According to the mother, she notified the boat's staff, and she was given bottled water and told not to make a fuss and ruin the ride for other tourists.

The company that manages these cruises apologized, as well as gave the family nearly $300 for the cost of the dinner cruise. The company's safety officer said, "We have had an alcohol safety procedure in place for 20 years and this is the first time we have had an incident like this. Once our crew realized what had happened, their immediate focus was on the well-being of our guest. We are pleased and relieved he is ok."

The mother of this three-year-old does not plan to sue the company, but she would like to see changes made in regards to their handling of alcohol. She notified the Honolulu Liquor Commission.

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