Country Star Trace Adkins Reaches Out for Help, Enters Treatment

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Trace Adkins Sobriety

Trace Adkins is a popular singer in country music with more than 20 hit singles on the country charts but he has recently suffered a setback in his lifelong battle against alcoholism. Adkins recently decided to enter rehab after an incident which triggered his relapse this past month. The singer has been through a rehab facility before and even remained sober for more than a decade until recent events led him to seek help again. In spite of such a long record of being sober and clean, it seems Adkins is still fighting against his issues of alcohol addiction.

Adkins has been involved in his music career since the mid-1990s and has had a string of number one hits in the country world. In spite of his success, Adkins dealt with issues of alcohol abuse for a period of time that began to affect his family life. It was in 2001 that Trace Adkins was given an intervention and he was asked to seek help for his drinking problem by his family. Going through a family intervention was difficult for Adkins who had to finally hear all the things the ways that he had wronged the people around him. It was painful for him to experience the intervention and he soon after entered treatment at the request of his family. He stayed in rehab for 28 days and returned to his music career completely sober.

Trace Adkins remained sober for twelve years after his first stay in rehab but he suffered from a relapse this January that set him back in his recovery. Adkins was aboard a ship for his work as a headlining act on a “country cruise” when he became involved in an argument with his impersonator. A man who works as an impersonator of Trace Adkins was performing karaoke on the ship when the two had an altercation. It is unknown what sparked the argument between Adkins and his lookalike but the incident led the famous country singer to seek a second stay in rehab. Adkins is facing his issues with alcohol addiction head on and chose to enter treatment right away in spite of being booked for the cruise performance. He had to cancel his remaining appearances on the cruise to attend to his issues and get immediate help for his relapse.

The cruise that Adkins was headlining for was headed for Jamaica and the singer reportedly took a drink of alcohol while aboard the ship. After taking his first drink in twelve years of hard-earned sobriety, Adkins left on his own to get help for his mistake. Before his first stint in rehab, Adkins was involved in an accident on his farm that led him to realize he had a problem. He was intoxicated while driving a farm utility vehicle without a seatbelt. He was thrown off the vehicle and it rolled over on top of him. In that moment while pinned under the vehicle he was able to reach his cell phone and call for help. He knew after the accident and intervention that he would never be able to drink socially again.

With the history of alcoholism and issues that Adkins has faced, it seems he has made the right decision to get help before it’s too late. Adkins is aware of his vulnerability against alcohol and how dangerous it is for him to take even just one drink. Although he has suffered a setback in his fight against addiction, his choice to enter rehab again was a responsible decision that will help to get him back on track and sober.

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