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Colorado Resource Officer Discusses DMT

on Monday, 30 April 2012. Posted in Breaking News, Illegal Drugs

DMT Extraction

With at least one incident of a Woodland Park teenager hospitalized after ingesting DMT, along with marijuana, School Resource Officer Sean Goings offered insights into the drug. According to, Goings told the board of North Teller Build a Generation that, "DMT is a hallucinogen that causes a huge disconnect from reality. It's akin to LSD and mushrooms, but with shorter-term effects."

Available in toad venom, plant, and synthetic form, DMT causes the user to have an out-of-body experience. The most famous plant that DMT is extracted from is the Ayahuasca vine, in which William S. Burroughs searched for in his Yage Letters, and other hallucinogenic gurus, like Terrence McKenna, studied in depth. The drug interferes with the neurotransmitter serotonin, causing physical disconnect. Goings said, "Serotonin keeps you locked into reality, and the drug disrupts that."

Goings claims that DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, can be dissolved, ground up, snorted or taken in a tablet form. Burroughs describes a detailed process for treating the bark to extract the psychoactive elements into a tea, before ceremoniously drinking the tea. The Ayahuasca vine has been used in some South American Indian religious ceremonies for thousands of years.

Goings warns that DMT is "stronger than spice," the popular synthetic marijuana. He said, "The drug's effects are very unpredictable; people have landed in the hospital after taking DMT. I have heard that our kids were lacing the drug with marijuana to get a better high."

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