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Cocaine and the Fashion Industry

on Wednesday, 01 April 2015. Posted in Breaking News

People in the fashion industry may insist that their waifish, impossibly thin models are healthy but the reality is that these women are engaging in extreme diets and drug abuse to maintain their appearance. Drugs have been a part of the fashion industry for years and especially cocaine abuse which keeps models energized and suppresses their appetites.

Leaked photographs of Kate Moss, one of the biggest supermodels in fashion, showed her snorting cocaine and threatened her contracts with Chanel and Dior. But Moss's behavior is nothing out of the ordinary in the fashion world where insiders know that cocaine actually fuels the industry at nearly every level.

The drug is used by models and even designers as a "performance enhancing" drug that will get them through their busy schedules and hectic photo shoots.

The Prevalence of Models Abusing Drugs
Models who have struggled with drug addiction have come clean about the real truth behind substance abuse in fashion. Former addicts say that drugs are so easily accessible in the industry that it is difficult to stay away from them.

When models begin to use cocaine they can easily drop weight because the drug is known to keep the user's appetite down. Many women in the fashion industry are dealing with such enormous pressure to stay thin that need to take some substance to help them suppress their appetite.

Insiders of the fashion industry say that not only models take cocaine but so do fashion designers, hairdressers and others at fashion shows where it is readily available although the drugs are kept relatively covert. The situation is even worse at photo shoots where the model, stylist and fashion editor may all get involved in taking cocaine to get through the project.

Recovering from Addiction in the Fashion World
The fashion business has almost always had a problem with self-destructive behavior and people in the industry are often trying to deal with models who have taken their drug addictions too far. Agencies try to send models to get cleaned up and many of them are able to recover.

Models who admit to being former addicts are able to shed more light to the public on the situation that still exists in the fashion world. Insiders say that models using cocaine is similar to an athlete taking steroids- they use them to stay competitive, improve their performance and be as thin as they need to be.

Even big name designers like Donatella Versace have confessed to dealing with a cocaine addiction in the past. Versace announced that she had given up cocaine after abusing the drug for more than 18 years. She had been confronted by family and friends about her addiction and she agreed to go into rehab to recover from her cocaine problem.

Jonathan Phang who helped launch the career of many supermodels admitted that many seedy things go on behind the scenes and young girls are rarely getting enough sleep or eating properly. The health of girls in the modeling industry is not a high priority for agencies that need them to work long hours and stay as thin as possible.

Although models may get heat when they get caught by the public using cocaine, behind the scenes of the industry the drug is very socially acceptable. Industry insiders say that backstage at runway shows, launch parties and photo shoots people are using cocaine.

More models are now going into recovery and speaking out about how cocaine use has affected them and their career in the fashion industry. Although plenty of models have cleaned up their act the fact remains that cocaine is a huge part of the fashion world and more needs to be done to change it.


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