Chief Keef Ordered To 90 Days In Drug Treatment Program

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Chief Keef Drug Treatment

Rap artist Chief Keef will be entering a ninety day drug treatment program, as ordered by a Chicago area judge. The rapper had previously been on probation for a number of offenses, and was found to be abusing drugs when he tested positive for them in drug tests that were a mandatory part of his probation. By using illegal drugs, Keef has violated the terms of his probation, though it is unclear whether he will be sent to jail following his treatment. It seems that Keef believes jail time may be a possibility, as he posted a photo on his Instagram account of a text message that read “Judge Putting me Back in jail See y’all later.”

Chief Keef No Stranger to Jail Time
If Chief Keef is indeed sentenced to jail time after his treatment, it will not be his first time behind bars. As recently as this past October, the rapper spent eight days in jail after he tested positive for marijuana. That positive test occurred last May after security guards at a hotel he was staying at smelled the drug coming from his room and notified police. That same week, the rapper was arrested for alleged trespassing, and a mere week later was taken into custody yet again after police spotted him driving 110 miles per hour on a freeway where the posted speed limit was 55 miles per hour.

Keef was also incarcerated early last year when he violated the terms of his probation by using a rifle, which is he not permitted to do after being found guilty of pointing a gun at law enforcement officers in Illinois.

Marijuana Has Been Shown to Affect Decision Making
Marijuana, the drug that Keef has continuously tested positive for, impairs users cognitive function in a number of ways. It has been shown to slow reaction time, decrease short term memory, and impair a person’s ability to make decisions. Many marijuana users operate under the belief that the drug is not addictive. This is not the case at all. It is certainly possible to become dependent on marijuana. Users like Chief Keef may, like many other addicts prioritize using over almost any other element in their life. They may become so consumed with continuing to use that they do not consider the consequences of their use. As is the case with any addict, marijuana addicts are so focused on obtaining and using the drug that they do not possess the decision making skills to stop using.

Recovery the Only Option
If Keef is indeed addicted to marijuana, his court mandated recovery program may be one of the only things that can help him stop the constant desire to use. When an addict enters a treatment program, they detox from the drug they are addicted too. This means that for perhaps the first time in a long time, their brain will not have the substance that it has become so accustomed to craving. During detox, a person may experience unpleasant sensations like depression, anxiety, loss of appetite, and insomnia. The staff at a treatment center is familiar with these side effects and can help guide a recovering addict to recovery.

Once the drugs have left Keef’s system, he may experience a much more heightened sense of mental clarity and may be better equipped to take in the lessons and tools that are imparted to him by treatment center faculty. He may also participate in individual and group therapy and begin to understand the roots of his addiction as well at what may be triggering it. Ultimately, however, Keef is the only one who can decide to work toward sobriety for himself.

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