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Chasing the Dream of Doing Cocaine Like A Gentleman

on Monday, 25 August 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Chasing the Dream of Doing Cocaine Like A Gentleman

Drugs like cocaine are often considered to be a "gentleman's addiction". Cocaine is the type of drug that is expensive enough to be associated with high flying executives and high profile celebrities who can afford to make it a habit. Because of this image cocaine sometimes becomes glamorized by people who imagine that doing this drug makes you appear rich and powerful.

The reality of cocaine however is far from the ideal of just a trendy party drug for the well-to-do. Cocaine addiction can be destructive to people's physical health as well as their mental and financial stability.

Cocaine Destroys Your Health

Cocaine has always been a popular drug of choice for hard working executives because it provides a boost of energy that can make people more productive. These "gentlemen" drug users can afford to maintain the habit and it can help them work long hours at the office. The high that cocaine offers can also make people feel more confident and invincible which can be helpful in a position of power.

These cocaine abusers will eventually pay the price not only financially but in terms of their health and well-being. Regularly snorting cocaine can affect the user's sense of smell which may be reduced or lost over time. Addicts can also experience nosebleeds, problems with swallowing and a chronically runny nose.

Reduced blood flow due to cocaine use can lead to severe bowel gangrene. Because cocaine constricts the blood vessels and increases heart rate and blood pressure it can lead to heart disease and even heart attack or stroke. Cocaine-related deaths can be common among addicts as a result of cardiac arrest or seizure followed by respiratory arrest.

Psychological Problems from Cocaine Use

In addition to severe and at times fatal physical health problems, cocaine addicts can also experience plenty of psychological issues and emotional turmoil. Even short term use of cocaine can cause feelings of anxiety, irritability and restlessness. People who use cocaine can have trouble sleeping and a lack of appetite which contribute to their feelings of stress and depression.

Cocaine users can also suffer from instances of paranoia which can erupt into a temporary state of full-blown paranoid psychosis. This type of psychosis can cause people to lose touch with reality and start to experience auditory hallucinations. It is not uncommon for people with a cocaine addiction to develop mental health issues and even disorders because of its effect on the brain.

The drug artificially increases the release of dopamine and prevents the normal re-absorption of dopamine back into the brain's nerve cells. Users develop a tolerance and find it difficult to get the same high they did initially leading them to need more and more of the drug. Addicts may find it hard to experience a normal sense of joy and well-being without taking heavy doses of cocaine. They may suffer from serious depression and anxiety that may need to be treated professionally.

Even though the image of cocaine is that of a glamorous drug reserved for rich upper class executives and celebrities, addiction to this drug is not so glamorous. For the people that develop an addiction, cocaine can destroy their health, finances, relationships and emotional stability. The dream of cocaine is far from the reality and many people involved in this kind of drug use are left with broken homes and lost jobs.

The euphoria and energy that it provides is short-lived and it takes more and more cocaine for people to feel its effects over time. There is no possibility for someone to use an addictive drug like cocaine and escape without any damage. Even the rich and powerful are not immune to the negative effects of cocaine addiction.

photo credit: bark via photopin cc

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