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Can Treatment For Heroin Addiction Be Subsidized By E-Cigarette Tax?

on Thursday, 24 July 2014. Posted in Breaking News

Can Treatment For Heroin Addiction Be Subsidized By E-Cigarette Tax?

E-cigarettes have made a fast entrance into our society. The industry and demand for them is booming, with people using them instead of normal cigarettes for health reasons.

The rise in e-cigarettes and other forms of nicotine-based vaporizers has taken our society by surprise.

Government Regulation

The FDA still has yet to regulate them and determine their overall safety, and laws are currently still in the works pertaining to the legal sale and distribution of e-cigarettes.

These new e-cigarettes are a hot topic, and people are starting to wonder what they can do in several different areas. Many hope that they can really help people actually quit smoking cigarettes.

Others are moving more towards the fiscal side of the discussion, wondering if the taxes that are generated on the sale of these items can be used to fund other things, like treatment for things like heroin addiction.

Realities of Heroin

Heroin is one of the most addictive substances known to man, and has been known to be instantaneously addictive even on the first usage. There are no benefits whatsoever to using heroin.

Once someone uses it, they become spacey and lethargic, unable to perform the most basic tasks. They look like they are in need of sleep, because they keep nodding off and weakening. This condition lasts for several hours after usage.

Over time, heroin starts to cause serious problems in the person that is using it. Heroin is typically injected via a needle. The area in which the needle enters the body starts to become infected, leading to abscesses.

Health Risks of Heroin Addiction

If left untreated could lead to the tragic possibility of needing an amputation. This happens because heroin users typically do not clean their needles or get new ones.

Typically an addict will keep using the same one over and over again. Needles are also shared between users, which leads to the dangerous possibility that communicable diseases like AIDS and Hepatitis C can be transmitted through using dirty needles.

Kicking Heroin

The only way for someone to get off of heroin is to get into a detoxification facility. Heroin withdrawals have been described by some as they feel like they are dying due to the grip that the opium has on the brain of the user.

The withdrawals are in no way lethal. As a result of the extremity of these withdrawals, someone should never try to kick heroin on their own.

The chance of relapse is extremely high, the need to fix will be the easier, softer way. When detoxing from a drug like heroin, one should look for professional help.

Heroin Treatment

Detox and treatment are not always available to people who are withdrawing from heroin. This can be due to the fact that some people simply do not have any kind of medical coverage available to them, of the insurance they do have will not cover it.

Most facilities that offer free treatment tend to be underfunded and the staff overworked. These places are also crowded due to their small numbers, so someone who needs to get off of heroin and needs a detox facility might not be able to get into one due to overcrowding.

A Financial Solution

An argument can be made that the taxes that are being collected off of the booming e-cigarette industry can be diverted into improving existing detox facilities for heroin users, and maybe even open new ones.

The money is there, the e-cigarette industry is huge and growing daily. The demand for heroin detoxification facilities is also there due to the fact that heroin continues to be a growing epedemic.

All someone needs to do is take a step back, put two and two together, use a little open-mindedness and see that this is a probable and highly positive scenario if executed properly. All that needs to happen now is action.

photo credit: A.Currell via photopin cc

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