Bradley Cooper American Hustle Star Finds Sobriety and Success

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Bradley Cooper Sobriety

Now known for his work in critically acclaimed movies such as “American Hustle” and “Silver Linings Playbook”, actor Bradley Cooper has revealed that he had a difficult road to success. He has been sober almost a decade but there was a period of time where drugs and alcohol were affecting his work as an actor and nearly ruining his life. He admitted that his drug and alcohol use were hindering his ability to get the parts that he wanted in his acting career. It was only after he managed to quit his substance abuse and get sober that he started to enjoy the kind of success he was looking for as an actor. He says that by completely embracing who is, he has been able to fulfill his real potential.

Struggles with Addiction and Career
Early on in his career, Cooper struggled with minor roles and was only working three days a week as his character on the show “Alias” became sidelined. He was frustrated with his lack of progress in Hollywood but admits that his substance abuse probably affected his issues with work the most. He quit his work on the show and had no job prospects at the time as his substance abuse continued. It was in 2005 that he truly hit rock bottom at only age 29 when his career was just beginning to take off. Around the time he finally reached a breakthrough role in “Wedding Crashers” his drug and alcohol use started to get particularly out of hand. At one point he became so inebriated at a party that he intentionally smashed his head into concrete and ended up in the hospital. As his drinking and drug use continued to spiral out of control Cooper realized that he had to change his ways or completely sabotage his life.

Sober and Successful
As soon as the actor cleaned up his act and became sober, his situation improved dramatically. He began taking whatever work he could get in order to branch out in his career, landing roles in movies with big name actors like Sandra Bullock. At the time he was amazed at the opportunity to completely be himself, be sober and still have people want to work with him. It was a way for him to rediscover himself as an actor and led to more successful roles that furthered his career. He was happy to be working and grateful for many of his opportunities but did not necessarily feel creatively fulfilled in his work at that point. After continuing to work hard in Hollywood he finally found his value as an actor and began to take on more challenging and meaningful roles. His work in the recent hit movie “Silver Linings Playbook” was acknowledged with an Oscar nomination for Best Performance. Cooper has not only bounced back from an addiction and achieved commercial success he has proved himself to be an accomplished actor favored by the critics as well.

In spite of a rocky road to success, Bradley Cooper is now at the top of his game and stars in a lead role in the new movie “American Hustle”. His co-star Amy Adams has complimented the actor on being a soulful and sensitive person, not the frat boy that many people mistakenly believe him to be. No longer a party guy; Cooper now uses his life experiences as motivation to provide powerful performances and portray memorable, relatable characters on screen. He has recovered from his minor roles in unsuccessful movies to become one of the biggest actors today thanks to his decision to be sober.

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