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Bob Dylan 47 Years Clean And Sober, "I kicked A Heroin Habit…….."

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Friday, 08 February 2013. Posted in Celebrities, Voices in Recovery, Breaking News

Bob Dylan Sobriety

Poetic and instrumentally inclined as he may be, 71 year old Robert Allen Zimmerman, otherwise known as Bob Dylan is an extremely private man, and rightfully so. He is no longer interested in the hyperbole, not to mention expectations of the world at large that he has said contributed to his drinking and using heroin in the first place.

"….using drugs was about insecurity and fear, a struggle to cope with fame and the associated expectations for my rise…."

To make matters worse, his mother was an alcoholic caught up in her own chaos, so much so that she often neglected him, and his father, quite honestly, he was absent.

To side track a little, although my parents were present, financially so, my mother in particular was emotionally distant, so I relate. How about you?

Nevertheless, I grew up in a home full of music, my mother plays piano and dad plays guitar. Needless to say, I, myself, grew in a household with parents who were a generation or so just behind Dylan. They admired him just the same. I recall songs such as Like A Rolling Stone, Good As I Been To You, Blind Willie McTell, and No Reason To Cry, among others.

In fact, similar to my parents love for the senior Dylan, I was EQUALLY mesmerized by the junior Dylan; that is Jacob Dylan, the frontman of the Wall Flowers band. OMG, One Headlight brings back so, so many middle school memories….unrequited love, identity emerging, ambition, ideals, and so on.

In any regard, back to Bob Dylan, in his own words, "I'm sick of giving creeps money off my soul. When I lose my teeth tomorrow, they are not going to buy me a new pair of teeth."

Dylan on Heroin, "It's certainly not going to extend my life any and it's not going to make me happy."

As you can see from the title, Dylan is nearly 50 years into sobriety. WOW!

Despite countless awards such as Grammys, even an Oscar, and a Presidential Medal of Freedom, not to mention the fact that he has had numerous platinum-selling albums, he has indicated no intention of slowing down. In fact, Dylan is working on an untitled album. Stay tuned!

In the words of Dylan, "You can't be happy by doing something groovy."

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