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Billy Idol Discusses His Battle With Addiction

on Thursday, 18 June 2015. Posted in Breaking News

The 1980's pop star spoke frankly about his continuing battle with addiction while out promoting his memoir released back in October 2014. Idol's new memoir, cleverly titled Dancing With Myself, goes into detail about the singer's rise to fame and the dramatic life changes it brought about. The singer revealed a different side of himself by humbly discussing his struggles with a cocaine addiction that began in the 80's at the height of his career.

The 59 year old singer admits that achieving sobriety has always been a challenge for him, resulting in several periods of relapse followed by repeated attempts at staying clean. During promotional interviews for the release of his memoir, Idol was frank about his current drug and alcohol use, which he says is kept to a minimum.

The singer expressed a desire to be completely sober, which he says is the hardest part of the struggle for him. As he approaches a landmark 60th birthday, Idol says maintaining a healthy lifestyle has begun to take more of a precedence over living a rock star lifestyle.

Regular exercise and eating natural foods became part of Idol's daily routine, even when the singer was out on tour. During a long period of sobriety in 2010, Idol spoke to the press about his commitment to eating good food, reducing stress, and even practicing Pilates.

The healthy living practices of the singer today are a far cry from the excess Idol was accustomed to in the 1980's. Back then the singer's top priority was getting his next fix. Idol has been open about his darkest periods, when he would spend weeks holed up in his home smoking cocaine and neglecting almost everything else in his life.

Even Idol's music career began to suffer, as the singer became more concerned with how often he could step away to take hits of cocaine in the recording studio, than in recording the music itself.

Idol's addiction escalated in the 1990's with a horrific motorcycle accident and several overdoses, which caused the singer to reassess his lifestyle. The accident, along with other difficult experiences that stemmed from Idol's drug use, forced the singer to start questioning the choices he had made. He began to take a critical look at his life, which in turn led to a first attempt at recovery.

The next ten years were difficult ones for Idol, as he made several attempts at staying sober. The singer says it was more difficult for someone to find help for a drug addiction back then. There were only a handful of quality rehab centers available, and a person was much more likely to get an ineffective kind of treatment for a drug or alcohol problem.

Today Idol is busy with touring to promote his latest album, Kings and Queens of the Underground, playing benefit shows, and dedicating himself to performing. The singer is open about his experience with drug addiction and the real difficulties that come with making the choice to get sober.

He admits that using drugs were fun at first, but as addiction began to take hold, getting high became an increasingly negative and destructive force in his life. Idol says he has had to fight to get sober for the last 20 years, and continues to struggle to this day. But in the end the struggle is worth it for the health, balance, and longevity that sobriety can bring.


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