Top 10 Benefits of Drug Rehab

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benefits of drug rehab

1. Being away from drugs and alcohol
One of the number one benefits that individuals cite about going to a drug rehab program is not being able to access drugs or alcohol. For someone that has tried to stop in the past but cannot do it on their own, this feature is extremely important.

2. Individualized treatment approach
Most good treatment centers provide customized treatment tracks for each of their clients. Getting a personalized program that suits your needs is essential to long term recovery.

3. New healthier habits
Some say in order to stop old unhealthy habits new habits need to be formed. The time away spent at a drug rehab can be the perfect time to create new habits; these can include art, music, yoga, journaling, better nutrition and sleep patterns.

4. Support system
Addiction is a family disease and everyone’s situation is different. Having an outside support system besides your family can be extremely beneficial, especially in the early days of recovery.

5. Healthy environment
A healthy environment at a drug rehab can include a clean, well-kept space that the community members take pride in; healthy meals and nutritional counseling, time spent outdoors and time devoted to mental health in group, individual and family therapy sessions.

6. Aftercare
Aftercare is a wonderful benefit that drug rehab provides. Individuals that go through treatment often use tools such as aftercare and sober coaching to help them in early recovery back in the real world.

7. Healthy Diet
Most drug rehabs incorporate healthy living into their treatment programs. Once a person has detoxed off of drugs, learning healthy eating habits can be an indispensable resource. Some programs even teach cooking classes which help individuals learn how to nurture themselves.

8. Around the clock supervision
Supervision that is 24/7 is sometimes essential for people in early recovery.

9. New friends
Having sober friends that are also in recovery helps to create a strong foundation. Going to 12-step meetings or being able to call someone or help someone else is beneficial to individuals who are struggling in early sobriety.

10. Tools to prevent relapse
Drug rehab centers provide tools to help prevent relapse these include aftercare, sober coaching, access to sober living facilities, sober companions, 12-step support groups and outpatient programs.

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Cindy Nichols is the founder of 411 Intervention, a full-service intervention resource that helps individuals with addiction issues find treatment solutions. You can see an interview with Cindy here on Recovery Now TV.

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