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Ben Affleck Continues His Stunning Reinvention Since Getting Clean and Sober in August 2001

Written by DeShawn McQueen on Tuesday, 22 January 2013. Posted in Celebrities, Breaking News

Ben Affleck Sobriety

We all know of Good Will Hunting, that hugely successful hit film that put Ben Affleck, not to mention Matt Damon on the Hollywood A-List map. Not only did Ben star in Good Will Hunting, he co-wrote the screenplay with Matt, that won both of them Academy Awards for Best Screenplay of the year.

That was back in 1997, and the rest is what dreams are made of!

In fact, Ben quickly followed up the success of Good Will Hunting with a string of hits, including hugely successful blockbusters like Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Bounce, and most recently, Argo.

Ben not only starred in Argo, but he produced it and directed it. If you have not heard about Argo, it has been receiving critical acclaim and selling out at the box office. At this year's Golden Globes Awards, Argo won several awards, among them Best Drama Film and Best Director for Affleck.

To back track a little, as mentioned earlier, Ben starred in 2000's Bounce. Bounce follows the journey from active addiction to sobriety of a alcoholic advertising executive whose life is spared when he trades flights with a man, ironically enough the same man whose wife Ben's character falls in love with later in the film.

What is even more ironic, or even serendipitous, is just one year later, in August 2001, Ben Affleck himself came to a place of powerlessness himself, and decided to quit alcohol, as he checked himself into substance abuse rehab.

Yes, the matinee idol is not only a recovering alcoholic, he is a proud advocate of recovery!

Fast forward….today Affleck is more than 10 years sober and riding the hard-won success sobriety affords, as he still remains a major player in the big business of film.

If that were not enough, Ben is married to equally successful actress, Jennifer Garner, and together they have three beautiful children.

It's interesting to note that Ben was clearly successful before getting sober, having won an Academy Award.

However, he went from being in front of the camera, solely as an actor (and isolated writer), to getting sober and becoming a power player, in front of and behind the camera, not just as an actor, but as a producer and director, and not just any director, but a Golden Globe winning director of a substantive, meritorious, hugely successful box office film!

Way to go Ben. We are excited about what is to come from you!

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