Beatle Ringo Starr Still Flying High More Than 25 Years Into Sobriety:"That's All That Alcohol And Drugs Do, They Cut Off Your Emotions In The End"

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Ringo Starr Sobriety

Ringo Starr, husband of former bond girl Barbara Bach, and member of perhaps the most successful boy band of all time,The Beatles, is widely considered one of the most revered drummers that have ever lived. A little known fact is that Ringo is the richest living drummer, with a net worth north of $300 million.

Although he now lives in Los Angeles with Bach, he hails from the United Kingdom. To be exact, he grew up in Liverpool, England as Richard Starkey. Like many other celebrities Ringo Starr is simply a stage name.

Perhaps many of you did not know this, but Ringo is not only a drummer.

In fact, during his time as a Beatle, Ringo sang lead on some of the most well-received Beatles songs, including Act Naturally, Yellow Submarine (one of my favorites), and With A Little Help From My Friends.

As well, he is an acclaimed writer, having written Beatle favorites like Octopus Garden, and Don't Pass Me By. He also co-wrote Flying, Dig It and What Goes On.

With that said, if you did not know any of the facts mentioned above, you probably did not know that Ringo is a recovering alcoholic, grateful too……he says so.

The world traveler and talented musician ended his 20 year drinking tenure once he realized that his once-larger-than-life career was nearly invisible.

At one point it got so bad, he was reduced to playing a train conductor on the children's television show, Shining Time Station.

Well, that is all history now as the 72 year old is a happy husband, father and grandfather touring with a band that he put assembled himself.

For all you newly sober people out there or those resistant to rehab, Ringo met his now wife in rehab, 27 years ago. You never know, in addition to getting you life back, you may find the love of your life too!

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