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Basketball Icon Rex Chapman Discusses Addiction, Arrest and Recovery

on Friday, 29 May 2015. Posted in Breaking News

Although now retired from the game, Rex Chapman was a standout basketball player for the University of Kentucky and went on to play for four NBA teams in his fourteen years in the league. Chapman is coming off a third stay in rehab in his attempt to beat drug addiction.

He has spoken honestly with the media about his extended battle with prescription drug abuse which he has been dealing with for seventeen years. His issues with opiates and painkillers are hopefully at an end following his most recent trip to rehab.

Chapman said he came by Vicodin and Oxycontin honestly but became severely addicted to the two drugs. The basketball star has no problem discussing his addiction and his recovery because he hopes that the battle has finally ended.

NBA Career and Recent Arrest
Rex Chapman was the University of Kentucky's leading scorer in the 80s and was known as King Rex because of his skills on the court. Chapman had to have ten surgeries during the course of his NBA career because of various broken bones and a dislocated ankle.

Chapman has already spent time in John Lucas' Houston-based treatment program for addiction as well as the Brook hospital in the Louisville area. He says that he feels much better after completing treatment and is happy being able to wake up each morning without being a slave to painkillers.

His addiction had taken its toll on his mental state and his behavior. His drug use had a lot to do with his arrest in September on suspicion of shoplifting from an Apple store in Arizona. He was suspected of nine counts of organized retail theft and five counts of trafficking in stolen property totaling $14,000.

Chapman scarcely remembers any of these events because he was so deep in his drug abuse at the time. The arrest motivated him to get off of medication and he went into recovery once again.

Support in Addiction Recovery
After Chapman's arrest he entered the Brook hospital for what he called a "humbling" experience as it was his third attempt at rehabilitation. The basketball star was grateful for the love and support that he received throughout treatment from his children, friends and family who offered their help and concern for him in recovery.

Chapman also received much needed support from his University of Kentucky contemporary Kenny Payne who is now a coach. Payne called weekly while Chapman was in rehab and then joined Coach John Calipari in speaking with him after he completed treatment.

Chapman also said that his fans have been very supportive throughout his recovery as well. Although many people have criticized Chapman for his behavior and did not welcome him as an analyst for a Kentucky-Wisconsin game, he says that he understands their feelings about the situation.

He believes that everyone has the right to feel however they do about him but he is simply trying to focus on himself and do the right thing to improve his life.
Chapman was a star player for years in the NBA playing with teams such as the Charlotte Hornets, the Washington Bullets, Miami Heat and the Phoenix Suns.

He was always a popular player with high scoring throughout his career. He retired from the NBA after receiving multiple injuries in the 1999-2000 season and continued to take painkillers for years. His addiction has remained a problem for him since his retirement but the former NBA athlete is more optimistic now about his recovery and ability to remain sober.

Chapman may have struggled with relapse in the past but the support he has received will help him stay strong in his battle against prescription drug addiction.


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